8 Things I've Learned from Grey's Anatomy ...


8 Things I've Learned from Grey's Anatomy ...
8 Things I've Learned from Grey's Anatomy ...

Grey's Anatomy is one of most popular shows around for a reason. On any given Thursday night you can find me in front of my television watching Grey’s Anatomy. I remember when the show first came out in 2005. I was instantly smitten with the entire cast. Everything from the crazy relationship dynamics, workplace drama and sexy hot men had me hooked from the first couple of episodes. To celebrate the show's 8th season I have put together a list of 8 Things I’ve Learned from Grey’s Anatomy.

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Surgical Doctors in Seattle Are Hot

All of them are hot. Even the mean ones or the ones with weird antics are beautiful. I’m not sure why, but I do know that if I ever need surgery that will keep me in the hospital for several days I’m doing it in Seattle.


One-word Answers Are Okay

Evidently, "Seriously" is a perfectly good answer to any question. It is also a really great question. Every member of Grey’s Anatomy has used the phrase, “Seriously” at one point or another. I’ve started to use it myself. I’ve noticed a simple “Seriously” to a complicated question I don’t want to answer is good enough.


Surgeons do Not Sleep

They may have rooms set up throughout the hospital for doctors to catch a quick nap, but that is not what they use it for. The cast of Jersey Shore may think they created the first “Smush Room” but anyone that has watched Grey’s knows that hospitals are filled with little rooms perfect for good sex.


Bunk Beds

Speaking of sex, I’ve also learned that two full grown, well-educated and professional people can have incredible, non-awkward sex on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Forget what you’ve been told, bunk beds are not for kids. No, instead they are the bed of choice for hot doctor-on-doctor sex


When I Grow up

I want to be Addison Montgomery also known as Addison Shepherd. Some may so, no that’s not right, you should want to be Meredith Grey. I understand that she is the star of Grey’s Anatomy and ends up with Derek Shepherd in the end, but Addison has had some of the best sex with the hot men on this show and continues to have hot doctor sex on Private Practice.


Even the Most Heartless of People Care

Cristina Yang seems so cold-hearted and lacks bedside manner. Many of her colleagues are put off by her sarcasm and sharp tongue, but deep inside she cares about all of them. The same can be said for Alex Karev. He comes off like such a jerk, but time and time again he proves to be the unsung hero of Grey’s Anatomy.


Beauty Comes in All Sizes

I was so excited when Callie Torres joined the crew. Unlike some of the other girls, Callie has curves and she is gorgeous because of them. She also proves you can be girly, break some bones, and walk away looking fabulous with a cascade of black dark curls and red lipstick.


Good Gossip Travels Fast

If one thing is for certain, there are no secrets on Grey’s Anatomy. Walk out of the wrong room with the wrong person, get caught sharing a look, or even a passive aggressive comment and the entire hospital will be speculating your business. Even the patients know what’s going on.

If you are a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan like I am, I’m sure Thursday nights are a special time for you. Friends know not to call and your family knows to leave you alone. I’d love to hear what other Grey’s Anatomy fans have learned from watching the show and what you think of my list of 8 Things I have Learned from Grey’s Anatomy.

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