7 Marvelous Movies Based on Top-Notch Plays ...


I love movies based on plays – most of the time. Some of them really fall flat. I mean, there are certain films based on plays are just awful. The good ones, however, are really good. They expand on an already rich plot line and you get more visualization. Often the actors in plays are arguably better because they don't depend on decadent sets and effects, but sometimes the addition of excellent scenery adds to the experience. So keep reading, see if my favorite movies based on plays match yours, and share your own!

1. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


When you're looking for movies based on plays, it's often a good idea to look to the past. With some very fantastic exceptions, actors were better decades ago. They really took their craft to heart and many were classically trained on the stage. They also weren't as afraid to get ugly or crazy. I mean, you see Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or something, and you can hardly believe the same woman plays self-destructive Martha. There's a hysteria in this film that comes right through the screen, which is no doubt partly due to the volatile relationship between the two leads.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
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