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7 Mind Boggling Science Fiction TV Shows You'll Definitely Enjoy ...

By Vladlena

I am a big fan of science fiction TV Shows with plots that require a lot of thinking from the viewers. They definitely serve as an escape from reality and help us think outside the box. Despite the fact that science fiction can get a little dark and complicated, it can be a lot more interesting to observe and enjoy. Here are 7 science fiction TV shows with intricate plots!

1 Under the Dome

Under the Dome is one of the newest science fiction TV shows that revolves around people in a fictional town in United States, who struggle for survival under a mysterious force field that trapped them from the rest of civilization. It’s interesting to observe the characters find the secrets, origin and the purpose of the “dome”. Although some people begin to work together, others turn against each other. It portrays a situation when people get cut off from real world, and their humanity is questioned.

2 Fringe

Another one of my favorite science fiction shows is Fringe. Unfortunately the show ended after five seasons but you can still find the amazing episodes online. The whole concept of the show is the FBI teaming up with a former scientist and his son to investigate weird crimes that are part of a larger pattern. Despite the gravity of the show, there are a lot of characters that lift the mood of the show and connect to the viewers. In addition even when you know what is about to happened, the show never fails to surprise you!


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3 Teen Wolf

Although many people may condemn Teen Wolf just because it’s about werewolves, the show has a lot of great things to offer. The plot always keeps you on your toes and the characters are easy to relate to. The whole concept is not just about teenage werewolves but there is a deeper story line that is based on ancient mythology. Believe it or not, the plot sometimes gets so intense that you have to re-watch the episode just to keep up with the occurrences!

4 Lost

Lost is about the survivors of a plane crash, who are forced to live together on a mysterious island, which poses unique threats of its own. There are plenty of characters with their own story lines that can appeal to many viewers. There is a lot of drama, mystery and suspense mixed with complex characters and intense interactions. It’s definitely a show that you will get hooked on, and don’t worry about waiting for new episodes because all of them are out already!

5 Game of Thrones

Although this novel-based show is more of a fantasy, it also overlaps in the science fiction genre. It’s about seven noble families that fight for the power and ability to control the mythical land of Westeros. Besides the amazing plot, the acting and the whole production of the show is outstanding! Game of Thrones has a lot of twists and action involved in its story line, so it’s something that you must check out for yourself!

6 Beauty and the Beast

This popular CW show is based on our favorite fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast with a modern twist. The show revolves around a detective, who witnessed her mother’s murder and was saved by a supposed beast on the same night. Later on, she gets to know her hero and eventually falls in love with him. It’s a case of a forbidden love taken to a whole another level. The show is romance filled and action packed, so don’t expect to fall into boredom!

7 Arrow

Arrow is based on a spoiled billionaire playboy who is presumed dead after his yacht is found lost at sea, but he comes back five years later as a changed man to clean up the city. It is a refreshing take on the vigilante story that will leave you with a good first impression. The plot is dark, strong and has a lot of potential. It’s definitely one of those science fiction shows that you’ll keep watching!

These are just 7 science fiction shows with an amazing plot, but there are plenty more out there. What is your favorite science fiction show? Share in the comments!

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