8 Mouth-Watering Foodie Films ...


Foodie films are definitely entertaining, but they're also great sources of inspiration for anyone who enjoys playing around in the kitchen. Whether you're a foodie newbie or an experienced gourmet, watching a movie filled with crazy cooking techniques, delicious foods, and new flavor pairings can really ignite your imagination! Join me on a journey that pairs visual entertainment with palate pleasing scenes, and tell me the real stars of these foodie films: the actors or the recipes?

1. Like Water for Chocolate


This is unquestionably one of my favorite foodie films. It is just so gorgeous, so decadent – as decadent as chocolate. I mean, everyone in this film is so affected by food at one point or another. And in some cultures, these attitudes are quite real. After all, food has the power to bring you together, to inspire you. We celebrate with food, we show love with it, we express both joy and sorrow.

Julie and Julia
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