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Movies like the Fault in Our Stars That Will Warm Your Heart ...

By Vrinda

The Fault in our stars is based on a popular teenage novel by John Green. It is a beautiful story about Hazel and Augustus, two teenage cancer patients who become very close, fall in love and go on a journey to Amsterdam to fulfill Hazel's 'cancer wish'. The bond that Hazel and Augustus share is special and unique. If you want to watch more movies like The Fault in our stars, the following list has some great options.

1 Now is Good (2012)

A girl (Dakota Fanning) suffers from Leukemia who has a made a list of things she would like to accomplish before she dies. The first thing on her list is to lose her virginity. Dakota plays a character that is difficult to get along with and is angry because she can’t do anything about her helpless situation. It is a thought-provoking movie demonstrating a young girl's struggle with a horrible disease.

2 A Walk to Remember (2002)

‌This is a classic romantic story about two school teens, Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan who run in very different social circles but unexpectedly become friends, and slowly that friendship turns into a beautiful romantic relationship. This is a heart-breaking movie but extremely sweet. Mandy Moore looks beautiful in the movie and plays a strong, and kind woman, and Shane West plays a rebel who turns into a cute romantic after falling in love.

3 Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

This is a movie based on the book by Stephen Chbosky. The story follows a high-school boy, Charlie (Logan Lerman) struggling with depression, love, and other teenage issues. Things look up for him when two seniors invite him in their group and start hanging out with him. A very realistic and honest movie with important coming-of-age messages. The cast is incredible including wonderful actors like Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd, and Nina Dobrev.

4 The Spectacular Now (2013)

‌Sutter Keely (Miles Teller) is in high school and adored by everybody. Sutter likes to live in the moment and has no plans for the future. When his girlfriend dumps him, he starts drinking and wakes up on a front lawn with Aimee Finecky (Shailene Woodley). Aimee is nothing like the girls Sutter has ever met. Despite being poles apart, the two become close and develop a special bond.

5 50/50 (2011)

This is a dark movie with some comedy and romance. It will make you laugh and cry all at the same time. It follows the story of a guy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in his late 20s who can’t digest the fact that he has cancer. The movie shows his struggle with cancer and how he deals with it on a daily basis. The cast also includes Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick. The movie is simple but powerful.

6 Titanic (1997)

It is impossible to complete a list of movies about true love without mentioning this one! Two people from different social worlds fall in love with each other while on a ship. Most of us know how this movie ends but it still makes you cry every time you watch it.

7 The Lovely Bones (2009)

The lovely bones is a supernatural thriller about a young girl aged 14 who is murdered by her neighbor. After she dies, she finds herself stuck in the in-between where she can see her family but they can't see her. She feels like she has some purpose that is preventing her from moving on. She figures out that the person who killed her is also going to kill her little sister, and she needs to find a way to stop it. An amazing movie with a brilliant performance by all actors especially Saoirse Ronan who plays the lead. A movie that might break your heart but will definitely amaze you.

8 Edge of Seventeen (2016)

‌A high school student Nadine hates going to school but her life becomes more unbearable when her best friend starts dating her older brother. A movie about the clichéd woes one suffers when in high school.

9 P.s. I Love You (2007)

A widow Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank) finds out that her late husband has left ten letters for her that she will receive over the following months claiming to change her life for the better. It’s a beautiful story about a woman figuring out what her purpose in life is. Holly is a New York real estate broker who married an Irish man, Gerry (Gerard Butler). When he dies, she is heartbroken and lost. He was her best friend and without him, she doesn’t know what to do with her life. I find this movie super inspirational. We all experience tragedy in our lives at some point, but we become stronger when we refuse to give up and fight back.

10 Safe Haven (2013)

‌The movie stars Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. Hough plays a mysterious woman running away from her past life. She moves to a small town where Duhamel lives. He plays a widower who forces Hough to face her demons. It is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks with the same title.

These movies like The Fault in our stars will warm your heart and some might even break it but they will make you believe in true love.

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