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In celebration of strong, impressive women everywhere, it's important to discover movies that empower women. These wondrous films highlight the strengths of women in politics, through friendship, and incredible journeys. Whether you have seen them before or not, it's a great time to revisit these amazing titles again. Let's review seven movies that empower women.

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The Contender

Senator Laine Hanson pushes the envelope in The Contender, which is among the movies that empower women. The Vice President hopeful is caught in the middle of a scandal over photographs that were unearthed during her FBI background investigation. This strong Democrat fights the good fight to make a relentless committee to realize that some questions should never be asked in the first place.


The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady is a tribute to the impressive life of former United Kingdom Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. The film depicts her struggles after the death of her husband, while viewers are reminded of the great milestones of her early life and amazing political career.


An Ordinary Hero: the True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

For those who are unaware of the life of Joan Trumpauer, this documentary film sheds new life on unexpected heroes. Trumpauer was a southern hero who made a stand in the Civil Rights Movement. She fought against her racist upbringing to fight against injustice. Although she was attacked and ultimately placed on death row, she didn't falter.


Breaking through the Clouds: the First Women's National Air Derby

This brilliant documentary about the first national air derby presents amazing footage of the historical event. As someone with an immeasurable amount of respect for Amelia Earhart, I must say I love this empowering film. From the scrutiny of wearing pants and goggles to the conspiracies associated with mechanical complications, you will love this journey through the sky.


Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile presents viewers with an ensemble cast of actresses that are nothing short of amazing. The story begins as the school year starts at Wellesley College and the new art teacher, Katherine Watson, arrives. Viewers journey through the progression of the beginning of the women's rights movements as this controversial teacher introduces to her class the notion that you can choose your own path in life as a woman, and you don't need a man to do it.



Former Ford model Domino Harvey was a driving force all her own. When she chose to quit the modeling industry and become a bounty hunter, her family was dumbfounded. Despite receiving approval or not, Domino Harvey proved without a shadow of a doubt that women can do anything that men can.


G.I. Jane

G.I. Jane has become a new representation of breaking the glass ceiling in the armed forces. This film starring Demi Moore tells the story of Jordan O'Neill, who is assisted by a female senator to enter into the Combined Reconnaissance Team. Although everyone expected her to fall on her rear and give up, she fought for everything she earned and took her place where she belonged.

Whether it's politics or the military, these films present the struggles of women in throughout the decades. It's important to celebrate the journey as well as the triumphs. What are some of the films you adored that empowered women?

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Erin Brockovich could be on this list as well.

Gotta love Meryl

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