Mr. Grey Will See You Now the First 'Fifty Shades' Trailer is Finally Here ...


FSOG fans, are you ready for this?! If you were tuned into Scandal on Thursday night, you were treated to the first look at Fifty Shades of Grey's first official movie trailer. All I can say is OH.MY.GOD. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are serving up all the feels in the steamy hot trailer and I can't get enough of it! Also, having Beyonce's singing voice in the background is just the icing on the cake. Check it out:

What'd you think? Tell me all your thoughts and feels in the comments and remember, Mr. Grey will see you now. Well, actually, he'll see you on Valentine's Day but you know what I mean!

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Yeah - Alexis Bledel would have been a perfect choice!

Haven't read the book but i think i'll be seeing this ;)

Do wish alexia bledel was playing her :/


Can't wait

I'm not gonna lie but when I first saw that they cast them I was disappointed because I really wanted Ian somerhalder or the guy from pacific rim and in felt like the girl was just not Fit for the part (she looked a little too plain) but when I saw the first trailer all of those feelings went out the window ! He IS Christian gray 😍 I'm still not sure about the girl but idec as long as he's in it 😍 i honestly cannot wait until this movie comes out! Only 2 more months ✌️😩

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