9 Outrageous Women from VH1's Mob Wives ...

VH1’s Mob Wives might just seem ridiculous to people that live outside the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), but for those of us familiar with the lifestyle and the geographical aspect, it’s not really shocking. It's actually fairly amusing. The show takes place in Staten Island, New York, and in many ways, even for girls without family involvement in organized crime, fighting is a way of life. I hope the growth of VH1’s Mob Wives cast member Drita D’Avanzo sends a message to those young girls that idolized her when she thought fighting was the only answer. Now, she’s the peacemaker and the voice of reason. I love these outrageous women.

1. Drita D’Avanzo

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Out of all of VH1's Mob Wives that have come and gone, Drita remains my favorite. She’s feisty and honest. She certainly provided drama with her on-going feud with Karen and Ramona. She’s also hysterically funny. Drita hints at a spin-off but so far, she’s still a mob wife.

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