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There are way too many reasons Nick Miller would make the perfect best friend. He's my all time favorite character on New Girl! He's funny, witty, and just plain ol' cute. New Girl fans know that Nick Miller is super weird, but nothing ever bothers us about him. He could pretty much get away with anything. Am I right, ladies? Check out the reasons Nick Miller would make the perfect best friend.

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He's a Complainer

Yup, you no longer have to feel bad about being so whiney. Nick Miller is just like you. He doesn't trust doors, fish, or people. He's actually pretty suspicious of everything. But, he always has a valid reason! So, if you're a complainer, you'd be perfect together. Or, if you're not, watching him complain about fish, doors, and people will definitely keep you laughing. The reasons Nick Miller would make the perfect best friend just keep getting better.


He's a Writer

Remember that awesome zombie novel he wrote? I use the term 'awesome' very loosely. I think it went a little something like "Zombie zoo, zombie zoo. Zombie zoo, zombie zoo. Who let them zombies outta that damn zombie zoo?" You gotta love a man who tries though. Or starts something, and then quits. Yup, another reason Nick is just like us.


He Moonwalks

Are you ever in an awkward situation where you wish you could just moonwalk away? That's where Nick Miller comes in handy. He'll panic moonwalk away from any situation and you can just follow him. To be honest, I've even used this getaway a few times. I mean, who doesn't want to moonwalk away from someone and watch their confused stare?


Endearingly Insecure

It's not usually a good thing when guys are insecure, but for some reason, Nick pulls it off with no problem. He's just the right amount of a loser to make him extremely likable. Does that make sense? He's had his share of issues in love but he's real. He goes through things we all go through. That's why he'd make such a good best friend.


He Can Be Very Philosophical

Once in a while, Nick shares some very wise words. I think my favorite of his has been "Life sucks. And then it gets better! And then it sucks again." I mean, what better way to sum up life? Nick just gets it, without even really trying. That's the type of person you need to be around. When you least expect it, Nick Miller is teaching you a life lesson.


He's a Lawyer

There's a lot more to Nick than meets the eye. He might be a bartender, but he could transform into a lawyer anytime he wants. In a recent episode, Nick revealed that he took the bar exam, and passed. He just chooses to bartend because it's what he loves to do. As your best friend, he'll help you do what you love to do too!


He's a Homebody

Nick Miller likes nothing more than sitting on the couch in his hoodie, drinking a beer, and watching a movie. That sounds perfect to me!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many reasons why Nick Miller would make the perfect best friend. All in all, despite his weirdness, Nick Miller is all I want in life. Well, you know what I mean! What do you love the most about Nick?

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