7 Reasons to Love Doctor Who ...

By Julia

7 Reasons to Love Doctor Who ...

Ever since this classic British TV show first came out, there has been more and more reasons to love Doctor Who every year! But is this really that surprising? This new series has been on the air since 2005 but the original played from 1963 to 1989! There’s no doubt that this show is so popular but what makes it so great? Check out some of these reasons to love Doctor Who that I've found!

1 Phenomenal Acting

Over the years there have been a total of eleven reincarnations of the main character, known as The Doctor. And every one of the actors that played them were all loved! The current Doctor, Matt Smith, is quite charming and is simply an amazing actor. I have always been attracted to shows where I forget that I’m watching something, and I feel like I’m actually part of the cast. This show is no exception!

2 A Wide Audience

Because of the long time Doctor Who has been running, it isn’t surprising that there is such a large audience. I often hear how amazing this show is from friends my own age but also from other age groups as well! And when so many people from various places and in various age groups tell you to watch something, you had better check it out. Because this show is amazing!

3 Clever

The whole idea of Doctor Who is very intriguing. A time lord traveling in a Tardis that appears to be a London police box? It doesn’t get more interesting than that! But not only is the idea of Doctor Who clever, the characters are very deductive and extremely witty. It’s really fun to watch The Doctor save a civilization or defeat a villain and then turn around and make a joke out of whole thing! Talk about easy going!

4 Adventurous

I can honestly say that I have not seen one episode of Doctor Who where there wasn’t some form of an adventure. Whether the Doctor is faced with saving the human race or having his own wife kill him, the Doctor never has a boring moment. You’d be surprised at some of the scrapes this guy can get out of!

5 Unique

I have never seen a more unique show than Doctor Who. It has such an extensive plot line that there is a little something for everyone. Plus, what other show has enemies such as the "weeping angels" or the "silence"? It is truly a show like no other!

6 Educational

It’s a rarity when there is a truly enjoyable show and there is also a sense of educational value at the same time. The show manages to incorporate many historical figures flawlessly such as William Shakespeare, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, and Albert Einstein. Including these very real people in history as characters enabled the fictional characters to travel to real time periods and experience things that actually would’ve taken place, mixed with exciting, new twists to shake it up a little. Doctor Who provides a very fun, new way of learning history!

7 Slicked Back Hair to Bow Ties

Over time, Doctor Who has racked up an impressive number of doctors, from the very first one played by William Hartnell (who sported slicked back hair) to the present doctor, Matt Smith (who is famous for his stylish bow ties). With each regeneration you can see a whole new part of the character come out with each new personality. Usually when a show has to replace an actor, the show becomes less popular or it just isn’t the same anymore. But Doctor Who has managed to improve their show by adding the new actors as just a new part of the Doctor. Seeing how each actor interprets this character is so interesting that I’m tempted to start watching from the very beginning!

Doctor Who is truly a special show. I have never seen another show that resembles it and I don’t think I ever will. Filled with twists and turns, adventures and wittiness, and eleven different actors playing the same character, this show has it all. Do you love Doctor Who as much as I do? What are some of your reasons for loving it so much?

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