7 Reasons to Watch "Orange is the New Black" ...


I am constantly telling my friends all the reasons to watch “Orange Is The New Black” that I see. Netflix has become one of my obsessions and with shows like “Orange Is The New Black,” it’s understandable to see why. The show was recommended to me since I watched “Weeds,” a ABC family show written and produced by the same man Jenji Kohan. Here are some of my reasons to watch “Orange Is The New Black.”

1. Entertaining

What could happen in an all-women prison? One reason to watch “Orange Is The New Black” is to find out! Piper Chapman is incarcerated after smuggling a suitcase of drug money a decade previously. In addition to the myriad of characters she meets on the inside like the Russian cook who’s starving her out to the drug-dealing guard, Mendez, her ex-girlfriend who got her into this mess, is in there with her. Talk about drama!

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