7 Reasons to Watch "Wilfred" if You Don't Already ...


There are many reasons to watch “Wilfred” if you don’t already. This witty and wonderful show is rich in humor. I love watching “Wilfred” because in the midst of its hilarious episodes, it does highlight some good life lessons. Here are my reasons to watch “Wilfred” that may inspire you to check out the show today!

1. Plot


The show kicks off with scenes of Ryan, a depressed young man, attempting suicide. He is determined to die, or so his numerous suicide notes suggest. But Ryan is shocked to discover that instead of seeing his neighbor’s dog like the rest of the world does, he sees an Australian man in a dog suit. Meet Wilfred. It’s funny to see what Wilfred gets away with when it comes to other people but startles Ryan in doing. Finding out what happens is definitely a reason to watch “Wilfred.”

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