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Reasons to Watch "Wilfred" Again and Again ...

By Michelle

There are many reasons to watch “Wilfred” if you don’t already. This witty and wonderful show is rich in humor. I love watching “Wilfred” because in the midst of its hilarious episodes, it does highlight some good life lessons. Here are my reasons to watch “Wilfred” that may inspire you to check out the show today!

1 Plot

Plot The show kicks off with scenes of Ryan, a depressed young man, attempting suicide. He is determined to die, or so his numerous suicide notes suggest. But Ryan is shocked to discover that instead of seeing his neighbor’s dog like the rest of the world does, he sees an Australian man in a dog suit. Meet Wilfred. It’s funny to see what Wilfred gets away with when it comes to other people but startles Ryan in doing. Finding out what happens is definitely a reason to watch “Wilfred.”

2 Wilfred

Wilfred Jason Gann plays the brilliant Wilfred in the 2011 hit TV show “Wilfred.” In fact, he is the original actor from the Australian version of the show released in 2007. He points out the obvious and doesn’t refrain from speaking his mind. He’s controlling of Ryan and definitely marks his territory. In one episode, he “poisons” Ryan with chocolate, not realizing that it isn’t deadly to people like it is to dogs. You have to see what shenanigans Wilfred gets Ryan into!

3 Ryan

Ryan Why does Ryan see Wilfred as a man in a dog suit? Is he really the only one? The relationship between Wilfred and Ryan is complex to say the least. I just recently got to the end of Season 2 and am completely hooked to find out about Ryan and why he sees Wilfred. He’s a great person to psychoanalyze! Plus, Elijah Wood plays Ryan so if you’re a fan of “Lord of The Rings,” you should see where Frodo ended up.

4 Funny

Funny “Wilfred” is just plain funny. The dialogue is sharp and the episodes are more than entertaining. I like watching “Wilfred” because the 20-minute episodes are a great way to turn my mood around on a bad day. Plus, there are some great quotes!

5 Deep

Deep Though Wilfred does his share of mischief, he also says some pretty deep stuff. Take, for example, when he says, “Seven billion narcissists all alone together on a big, dead rock. What’s the point of anything?” This show addresses mental health and finding a purpose in life. I think it’s important to show mental health like this because in real life, it comes in all shapes and forms.

6 Creative

Creative Watching “Wilfred” is addictive because the plot is so unique. It’s not often people see their neighbor’s dog as a man in a dog suit. You should check out the show for the mere fact that Ryan is the only one who sees Wilfred. I also like how the dialogue creatively adds plot points without you noticing until you look back and wonder how in the world you didn’t see it coming.

7 Casually Addictive

Casually Addictive I like to say that “Wilfred” is a casually addictive show because you can’t wait to see what will happen next to Ryan and Wilfred, but it’s also a show you can set aside if you get busy with life. I’m working my way through the show and it’s been a while since I last watched an episode. Thanks to this article, I decided to start watching again and it’s super easy to pick up where you left off.

“Wilfred” is a funny, entertaining, unique and creative show. If you aren’t watching it yet, then you should. What’s your favorite episode of “Wilfred?”

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