7 Reasons We Know We Are Going to Love the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie ...


Are you as excited as I am about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Believe it or not, I am just now reading this trilogy. I know. It’s as if I have been living underground to have missed out on them. And as much as all of us ladies love the books, I know that the the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to be even better.

1. The Chemistry Will Be Sizzling

One of the things I cannot wait for in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is to see the chemistry between the characters of Christian and Anastasia. Although we may or may not love the actor and actress that have been chosen for these characters, I for one can see the potential for some sizzling chemistry. In fact, I have read that part of the reason those specific individuals were chosen was the chemistry between them. I look forward to seeing the air spark between these two with a mere look at one another. The question isn’t if there will be chemistry but how deliciously we can enjoy it.

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