11 Sexiest Men on TV Right Now That We Can't Stop Drooling over ...

I’m sure that everyone has their favorites when it comes to the sexiest men on TV, and there are far too many gorgeous guys out there to cram into just one article! However, there are some that really stand out from the crowd for me; the ones I will drop everything for just to make sure I catch the next episode they’re in! Here’s my pick of the 11 sexiest men on TV right now.

1. Tom Mison, Sleepy Hollow

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If you haven’t heard of Tom Mison, then you probably haven’t tuned into the new series of Sleepy Hollow! Tom plays Ichabod Crane in this reimagining of the classic tale of the headless horseman, and a very gorgeous Ichabod Crane he is too! Whether it’s his long hair, his dry sense of humor or his English accent, I just can’t get enough. He’s an English actor who has mostly had roles in theatre, but is also known for his role in One Fine Day, which also stars Anne Hathaway. I really think Tom is one of the sexiest men on TV right now!

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