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If you're wondering why your social life has been pretty non-existent, it's time for you to check out the signs your life revolves around TV. It's nothing to be ashamed of, really. There are days where fictional characters are just easier to be around than real life people. Personally, I'd choose a night with Netflix over a night out. Oops. I know I'm not the only one though! Check out the signs your life revolves around TV.

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"Seasons" Have Nothing to do with Weather

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. What's that? I think you mean "pilot season" and "season premieres." If you're always on the look out for a show's next season, it's probably one of the signs your life revolves around TV. I know whenever my friends and I start a new show on Netflix our text messages consist of "What season are you on?" or "About to watch the season finale!" The seasons are all that count in the TV world.


Holidays Are Exciting but Not Because of Family

I practically live for holiday specials on TV. ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas is my favorite part of the year! I mean, movies are what get you excited about the holiday! Am I right or...? Christmastime isn't the only time to get excited for specials; what about the awesome Halloween movies on TV?!



Believe it or not, you've been training for a marathon your whole life! Of course, for some people, that means they work out so they can run. For us, it means finding the right spot on the couch, making sure there's popcorn, and keeping track of the TV remote. That way, when it's time for a season marathon, you're ready! Marathons sure are the best, aren't they?


You Expect Life to Work like Tv

After watching so much TV, you start getting frustrated at the fact that life's problems aren't solved in 22 minutes, and come with commercial breaks. How do they manage to solve their problems so quickly?! Sigh. Sometimes we have to take a step back and realize that their problems are scripted! Ours might take a bit longer to solve. Unfortunately, commercial breaks don't come with it.


Your First and Serious Crush Was a Fictional Character

Let's face it, everyone's first crush was probably someone who appeared on their TV screen. I know I'll never forget mine! Rider Strong, aka Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World. I'm still beaten up about the fact that he doesn't show up on my screen anymore. Fingers crossed that he makes a few appearances on Girl Meets World! Can you remember your first TV crush?


You're Sure You Know Twitter's Sole Purpose

All TV junkies believe that Twitter was created solely for the purpose of live-tweeting your favorite show. Makes sense to me! It's so much fun to live tweet because you get to see everyone's reactions. Most TV cast members even live tweet with fans which makes it even more exciting!


Canceling Plans

You feel no shame canceling plans with your friends if it means you can catch up on the latest season of your newest obsession. Your priorities are influenced by your cable box and that's okay. Sometimes your TV friends lead more exciting lives than your real friends, so no one blames you. I'm currently binge-watching Psych and let me tell you, I have faked sick on a few occasions. I mean, I have 8 seasons to catch up on! Who has time for dinner?!


You Grieve for Show Cancellations

One of the greatest losses is when your favorite show is cancelled way before its time. That will haunt you forever. There are SO many shows that are canceled way too early. All we can do about it now is rewatch the series over and over again. That should help with your withdrawal, right?


You Compare Yourself and Your Friends to Your Fave Characters

I'll admit it, my friend and I would base our wardrobe around our favorite characters. We'd show up to school and tell each other which Pretty Little Liar star we dressed as. Nope, I feel no shame in that! You know you're a TV addict when you're out on the town with your girlfriends and compare yourselves to the characters in Sex & The City. Or, if you're a guy, you've definitely compared your crew of friends to the one in Entourage. We've all done it.

So, there you have it! These are signs that your life revolves around TV. How many of them were accurate for you?

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I agree with all of these except for number eight. You can grieve about a show cancellation because of the memories you've associated with that show. Maybe you watched the series while you were going through a rough patch or a significant time in your life.

I need a life... As a student I don't think there is anything wrong with this, currently using up Desperate Housewives as a vice x

Pretty Little Liars is my life

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