7 Lies Reality TV Tells Us ...


7 Lies Reality TV Tells Us ...
7 Lies Reality TV Tells Us ...

Many of us love watching a little reality TV as a means of mindless entertainment and although we know that a lot reality TV is scripted nowadays, have you ever thought about all the lies reality TV tells us? Mass media in general tells us a lot of untruths that are pretty unbelievable but since reality TV is supposed to be raw, unscripted stories caught on tape, I thought I’d have some fun with some of the lies frequently told on reality TV! Join me as I chronicle the 7 most common lies told on reality TV!

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Everyone is Flawless

One of the most common lies reality TV tell us is that everyone goes to bed and wakes up looking like a million bucks. Sometimes we see reality a star looking like us normal folks when we don’t get all gussied up but most often everyone is looking like they had a full hair, makeup and wardrobe team work on them and they look like this on the regular. I wish I had awesome genetics like them!


Every Day is an Adventure

Lies we learn from reality TV include every day being full of fun, drama, love, lust and fights on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. When you’re on reality TV, you can expect tons of funny mishaps, sexy guys or girls constantly hitting on you and someone starting drama which causes you to have to get in a fight. Weaves will fly, punches will be thrown and people fall in love within minutes on TV, it must be exhausting!


Money is No Object

Another one of the most commonly observed lies reality TV tells us is that no one is ever broke! Have you ever seen anyone totally run out of money from all the eating, drinking, shopping and whatever else goes on?! I think I’ve heard of a few people actually say they were broke but it’s incredulous to believe that in reality hardly anyone runs out of money when they’re constantly spending money on things!


There Are No Consequences

Have you ever noticed another one of the lies we learn from reality TV is that despite all of the trouble that people get themselves into whether it’s having unprotected sex, drinking until they pass out or starting fights with strangers there are hardly ever any consequences for these actions? Yeah, people have gone to jail for fighting and people get hungover but reality TV often makes bad decisions seem funny or harmless which is so not true! How about showing the real deal when it comes to making bad choices?!


Fighting is Normal

Another one of the lies we learn from reality TV is that everyone has a bad temper and everyone is constantly fighting. I guess it’s another way to make things a little more interesting but it’s pretty sad how much attention there is on physical fights and bullying on reality TV. Think of Bad Girls Club, the show can be entertaining and all but all the fighting and bullying on the show whether it’s fabricated or not is not cool and should not be glamorized!


Love is Blind

Is it just me or do some of the most annoying, odd or most attractive people somehow get a lot of air time and never seem to go away because that’s just another one of the lies reality TV tell us! When it comes to reality dating shows, how many times has the crazy, irritating or super dumb but hot person keep escaping elimination?! It’s not luck or love, it’s another way to keep us interested and create buzz for the show and its characters!


The Glamorous Life

Another lie that reality TV tells us is that making bad decisions is cool. Getting thrown in the drunk tank, getting into fights at clubs and being promiscuous are among some of the many damaging choices people make regularly on reality TV and it’s shown in a light that it’s okay and everyone is doing it. Stuff happens but making bad choices look fun and normal is such a con! TV doesn’t show how those people will regret making those decisions and doing it on TV!

There are many lies reality TV tells us but there are also some shows that are completely worth watching and learning from so don’t think I’m totally against it. I love trashy reality shows as much as the next person but I believe about 10% of it and hope that the majority of its viewers don’t believe the hype generated from reality TV and avoid falling into those lifestyles. What do you think is a lie that we learn from reality TV?

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Great article!

I agree on everything! What sucks is reality tv is successful because we make it...??? Lol crazy

I have no idea why anyone would watch reality tv. It's pathetic...

This is sad.

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