7 Weird Reality Shows You Wouldn't Believe ...


7 Weird Reality Shows You Wouldn't Believe ...
7 Weird Reality Shows You Wouldn't Believe ...

It’s very easy to create a list of weird reality shows given the new craze. I don’t know if these are the craziest ones, but they definitely made me raise an eyebrow. Let’s take a look at seven of these weird reality shows!

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Who’s Your Daddy?

If you’ve never heard of this show, consider yourself lucky! This is definitely the weirdest of all the weird reality shows on this list. The basis of this show is an adopted girl meets 25 men, one of them being her biological father, and her goal is to choose the right man. If she chooses her father correctly she gets $100,000. I don’t know about you, but this show kind of disgusts me!


Whisker Wars

I hadn’t heard of this show before I set out to make this list. I can’t believe this show even exists, I mean who is watching this?! "Whisker Wars" is a reality competition show in which people compete to see who can grow the most facial hair. This show has been called "backstabbing and cutthroat," which completely baffles me because I cannot see how a show about men growing extremely long beards can be that exciting, but to each his own!


The Swan

I can’t believe this show lasted two seasons! "The Swan" features a group of women who are each assigned a panel of therapists, trainers, surgeons, etc., who work to change each of the women inside and out. At the end of the season they hold a sort of "beauty pageant" and a winner is selected. Does the idea of this show completely blow your mind? Yeah, mine too.



"Bridalplastly" focuses on a group of women competing for a chance to have their dream wedding. For this group of women, a dream wedding includes plastic surgery. Each contestant enters the competition with a surgical wish list. The winner of each weekly challenge receives a procedure from said list. The winner of the show wins her entire surgery wish list along with the wedding of her dreams. I have no words for this show — it’s completely insane!


Amish Mafia

The title of this show is a complete oxymoron. Amish people are supposed to be people of peace, non-violence, and no technology. This show goes against all those things. They are breaking the "no technology" rule by allowing themselves to be filmed. The non-violence rule is also broken by having any form of a mafia or law enforcement group. I’m not sure who watches this show, but it’s enough people to have the show on for a second season.


Duck Dynasty

I hear that this show is extremely entertaining, but I was never interested enough to actually watch it. Oddly enough this is about a store that sells duck-calls and decoys in Louisiana. I am not kidding. I can’t say that this show is horrible or even sounds like the weirdest show on this list, but it is a little strange that this is even on TV. Out of all of the shows on this list, I hear this is the most entertaining. Maybe I’ll have to check it out.



I’m not surprised this show didn’t last a full season because it was mildly less than entertaining and completely based off of people’s hatred for celebrities. People were interviewed as to why why they hate particular C-list celebrities and then were confronted by said celebrity. The rest of the episode shows the regular person spending time with the celebrity to try to change their minds. While this is one of the less shocking shows on the list, it still raises the question of why anyone would watch it.

These definitely aren’t the only weird reality shows on TV. Are there any that I missed? Which do you think is the weirdest on this list? What weird reality show would you add to my list?

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Duck Dynasty should not be on this list! Of course they make duck calls and do crazy stuff, but at the end of the day they have all learned family values...not to mention, this family is a good Christian family! You don't have to worry about your kids hearing what they say or seeing what they do; there is NO cussing or partying on this show. It's a wonderful CLEAN FAMILY show!

Omg I walk Amish mafia I didn't think it was that bad but you are correct. I'm not going to watch it again.

Duck Dynasty is awesome! Coming from a area like mine with lots and LOTS of hunters i think everyone is a fan around here. The show is so funny. If everyone gave it a try I'm sure they would like it too.

Duck dynasty is awesome and actaully a great show. Amish mafia is alittle extreme but it's entertaining and I love it because its filmed very close to where I live

Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows!! It totally reminds me of my family and it always makes me laugh

Duck dynasty isn't weird?

Nearly everyone in TX loves DD

I love duck dynasty it actually pretty funny

Duck Dynasty is awesome. Rare to see a reality show that actually has morals and is big on healthy families. Rednecks rock..haha

Duck dynasty is my favorite show they live down the road from some of my family and that's how my family is....

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