7 TV Shows Turned into Comic Books ...


7 TV Shows Turned into Comic Books ...
7 TV Shows Turned into Comic Books ...

It’s no surprise that comic books get turned into TV shows, but people may be surprised to find out that there are TV shows turned into comic books. Either way, I’m not complaining, because who doesn’t love to get more information about their favorite show or comic book?! Some of the transitions from show to comic book go a little smoother than others, but I’m sure people love them all the same. So let’s take a look at seven TV shows turned into comic books!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As much as I love “Buffy,” I was upset to find out that there was a comic book that continued the story. Personally, I loved the end of the series and I didn’t feel a need for the story to continue. As great as the “Buffy” writers are, the story line just got ridiculous after the series ended. There was no need to start a comic book, but nevertheless it has been pretty successful and I know a lot of people who love it! I never thought I’d be upset that one of my favorite shows is one of the TV shows turned into comic books.


Star Trek

I’m not much of a “Star Trek” fan so I had no idea that there was a comic book! I’m not surprised because it fits the genre perfectly, but I thought that the show and movies were enough for Trekkies! I was obviously mistaken. I can’t give much of an opinion here since I don’t watch or read any “Star Trek,” but I can probably assume that there are people out there who love the comic! I’m sure if it’s anything like the show, there are people who are just downright obsessed.


Doctor Who

How did I not know this?! Anyone who knows me or reads my articles knows that I’m obsessed with “Doctor Who.” Well apparently, when the show ended years ago they turned it into a comic book! The show eventually came back in 2005, but there was a comic book that continued after the show originally went off the air! I need to get my hands on this comic. My only concern is that it won’t be as good as I expect it to be and I’ll be let down; the show is so amazing, I don’t know what could compare!



I’m not sure why exactly this is a comic book, but I love “Chuck” so I’m not going to complain about it too much. I see how it could translate into a comic book because there was a big nerdy fan base for the show, but at the same time when I think of comic books, I don’t think of normal people being in them. I’ve never actually read the comics, but I loved the show so if they’re anything alike then I’m sure the comic is great! I remember when I found out that they made it into a comic, I did a little dance. Who doesn’t want more “Chuck”?



I have a friend that loves “Jericho” and when I told her that it got turned into a comic book, after it got prematurely taken off the air, she got really excited! Apparently this is a big deal. I didn’t watch “Jericho,” but I can understand the excitement of a show you loved being carried on, even if it is in another medium. I will say that her excitement about the comic intrigued me and now I’m thinking of watching the show.



Yes! Yes! Yes! Maybe I’m too excited, but I really love “Supernatural”! I had no idea that it was turned into a comic book until one year I got a few issues for Christmas. I sat down and read them as soon as I had a chance and loved every second of it. Of course it’s not the same as the actors playing the parts, but the writing is pretty much the same so you still get the sense that the characters are the way you see them on TV. I really loved these comics, so if you love “Supernatural” I’d give them a try.



Really? Who watched “Alf” and said “Hey! This needs to be a comic book”? I mean, I still question why it was a show to begin with and now I find out that they turned it into a comic? How strange. I wonder if anyone read this comic. I never got into “Alf” so I can’t really say I’m pleased that it became a comic, but I’m sure there are fans of the show that really enjoyed it! Who am I to judge?!

It’s interesting to me that there are some TV show writers that look at their show and say “You know what? This would make a cool comic book.” I mean, while some people think that comics are dying out, there are others finding ways to keep them around. What other shows have been turned into comics? What shows should be turned into comics?

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I heard of those on the Big Bang theory

Ooooooh and Firefly!

Well actually some of them

My brother was obessed with alf about 2 years now he obess with thomas trains like he was when he was 4

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