7 Spin-off Shows That Are Pretty Amazing ...


Spin-off shows are generally either loved or hated, with fans of an original cringing every time they hear about an upcoming spin-off. That's completely understandable because some of them are awful, and the ratings prove it. Others are quite polarizing, with vocal fans and furious detractors. Take a minute to think about which spin-off shows you really love and which ones you absolutely despise. While you do that, take a look at some TV spin-offs that tend to top the lists of many TV viewers.

1. CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami

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CSI is still going strong, and it's responsible for many spin-off shows. In fact, CSI: Cyber is coming up as we speak. I loved CSI: New York much more than CSI: Miami, but that's strictly because I would happily bear Gary Sinise's children. My preference aside, there's no denying that folks loved some CSI: Miami. Sadly, both New York and Miami are officially off the air, but you can still tune into the original.

2. Absolutely Fabulous

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