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TGIF Thank Goodness It's Full House ...

By Lyndsie

If “Full House,” the iconic epitome of TGIF programming, got a revamp, would you watch it? News outlets everywhere are going a little crazy today, because it's entirely possible that “Full House” may return to our televisions as early as 2015. It might be a reboot, it might be a sequel, but much of the original cast is reportedly on board.

Warner Brothers Television is on a mission to revive the popular '90s sitcom, and they're apparently really enthusiastic about it. According to John Stamos – aka Uncle Jesse – it could very well be a twist on a sequel. Stamos actually talked about this idea during Bravo's “Watch What Happens Live” earlier this year, and it's been gathering some serious steam. He'd know, too, because he partially owns the show. Due to the fact that reruns are still incredibly popular, it probably seems like a great idea. Besides, the growing success of “Girl Meets World” points to the fact that revamps of popular shows really can succeed.

Jeff Franklin will write the follow-up, and a lot of the original cast is already prepared to resume their roles. Jesse's ready, of course, along with Danny (Bob Saget – whose stand-up forever changed the way I view Danny Tanner) and Joey, aka Dave Coulier. Andrea Barber will reprise the role of Kimmy Gibbler, Candace Cameron Bure's coming back as DJ, Jodie Sweetin's ready to reclaim Stephanie, and that's all so far. Probably the Olsen twins won't return, I'm guessing, and Lori Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky, has always seemed kind of ambivalent and reluctant. No idea about the twins, either. Still, the core group's ready!

The question is, would you watch it?


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