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How many of you have seen the preview for the film White Girl? How many of you were even aware that a film like this existed? If the title makes you feel some feelings, I say good. Get all up in those feelings. If you suddenly feel angry and stereotyped, that may make you think. The movie made a ginormous splash at Sundance, and it still has people talking. A lot. Again, I say good. People need to talk. More importantly, people need to listen. Just based on the preview and early reviews, this is the kind of film that can open your eyes and change your perspective if you let it. I hope you let it.

1. It's Not Romeo and Juliet 🙅🏽

On the face of things, you'll see a lovely blonde white girl falling in love with a Puerto Rican boy who lives in Queens and deals drugs. Seems like the classic good-girl-goes-after-bad-boy farce, doesn't it? Yeah, it's not. It's set up like a Queens romance at first, but that idyllic vision shatters pretty quickly.

Leah's Hedonism is a Central Theme
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