7 Things Breaking Bad Has Taught Us ...


There are tons of things Breaking Bad has taught us; some good, some a little questionable. Nonetheless, this was one of the biggest shows to ever air, and the fever around Breaking Bad was so high, it became like watching the Superbowl during the series finale! The show has taught its audience many, many things (including how to partially cook some pretty illegal substances). Through it all, we can learn some pretty important things from this show. Here are 7 things Breaking Bad has taught us.

1. Fight for Your Family

We all know that the importance of family is a running theme in this series. Yet one of the most important things Breaking Bad has taught us is that no matter what the situation, you need to fight for your blood – your family. When Walt got cancer, his family fought, and fought to change his mind to get treatment. He didn’t want it. He was so set on just going away peacefully, but ultimately, his family was the deciding factor for him, and he got himself treated.

Chemistry is Really, Really Cool
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