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7 Things MTV's Girl Code Has Taught Women ...

By Kay

Intrigued by MTV's Girl Code? Guest contributor Kay gives you the low down on the first episode of this much anticipated show. We for one can't wait to watch more! Thanks Kay!

After the popular show «Guy Code» achieved high ratings amongst viewers, MTV decided to do a spin-off dedicated to the ladies entitled, you guessed it, «Girl Code.» If you’re wondering what came of this show during its first episode, you’re in luck! I have taken the liberty of summing up the magical life gems bestowed upon viewers nationwide during the first episode of Girl Code. Take a look below:

1 Embrace Your Boobs!

It doesn't matter if you’re lugging around A-cups or D-cups, Girl Code has encouraged women everywhere to love and accept their boobs for who (or what?) they are. While the show uses humor to express the inner-workings of the female brain (like it’s male counterpart «Guy Code»), women everywhere can appreciate that the show took a moment aside from the silliness to remind us to be happy with what we have, regardless our imperfections. After all, size IS relative.

2 Your Crush May Not Be as Cool as You Think He is – Prepare Yourself

There’s a THIN line between crushing and obsessing over a guy, which has been progressively blurred with the explosion of social media. While it’s (dare I say) entertaining to exhibit stalker behavior via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the hot guy in your Bio class, be warned that the grass may not be so green once you REALLY get to know him. Girl Code warns us to prepare for the worst: the guy may be carrying around extra baggage (children), be a woman (really?), not actually be in the profession he claims to be in, or have halitosis. So, before you try to make your crush something more, be advised that your dream guy is PROBABLY not as great as you’ve made him out to be in your fantasy land.

3 Never, under Any Circumstance, Drunk Text

Come on. Nothing good can come of texting ANYONE at 3:14am after way too many appletinis. Spare yourself the embarrassment and leave your phone in your purse. Better yet, always have a friend on duty to ensure that NO ONE is texting when intoxicated. Kind of like a designated driver, but for texting. :-)

4 Passive-Aggressiveness with Your Roommate is a Fail

There is a 90% chance that your roommate will not be exactly like you in every way, shape, and form. However, the proper way to handle disagreements is NOT to leave sticky notes all over your apartment reminding them to «clean up» or «restock shampoo.» That type of passive-aggressive behavior will NOT lead to a clean-up or more shampoo, but instead, will cause even more tension between your roommate and you. Girl Code has taught us practice roommate etiquette, ladies.

5 Women Have a LOT in Common, No Matter Where You're from

The show nabbed mini-interviews from comedians, supermodels and everyday women. Girl Code has reminded us that no matter what profession you're in, how you look, or where you come from, women have loads of things in common. Comforting, to say the least.

6 Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Although the show only boasts one episode, it is clear that the show has the potential to achieve equal, if not more, success than Guy Code. Prior to the show coming into fruition, many guys rolled their eyes that the "copy-cat" show would not be able to be as entertaining as Guy Code. But from the looks of twitter feeds during the shows premiere, everyone seemed to be thoroughly entertained - including the guys. GIRL POWER!

7 You Are Not Alone

If for some strange reason you thought you were the only girl in the world who complains about her boob size, Facebook stalks a guy she barely knows, or contemplates kicking your roommate out on the daily, Girl Code is proof that you are not alone. There’s something comforting in knowing that there are other women on the planet who think like us while exhibiting similar behavior. Cheers to being more normal than you thought you were!

While it’s too early to tell if Girl Code will be as successful as Guy Code, one can definitely appreciate the messages it seeks to deliver from a gang of funny guys and gals from all different walks of life. What other kinds of issues would you like to see hilariously tackled on Girl Code? Feel free to comment and share! :-)

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