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17 Tips on How to Ace a Reality TV Audition and Get Picked ...

By Neecey

If it’s your dream to be famous you’ll be interested in how to ace a reality TV audition. If you can’t get through the audition, how are you ever going to get your 15 minutes of fame? The audition is your chance to stand out and prove just why the public should be tuning into you each week for the duration of the show and then why you’ll be a big name long after the reality becomes real again. Here are some tips on how to ace a reality TV audition.

1 Have a Strong Personality

Interesting reality shows aren’t made up of bland, lifeless personalities. Each person has strong opinions about something, and is often set against other people who have opposite opinions. So, even if your opinions aren’t politically correct, it may be how to get on a reality TV show. Know what makes you more interesting than the average person.

2 Don’t Hide Your Flaws

It could be that your imperfections are the very things that set you apart from the crowd. Do you have one blue eye and one green eye? Six fingers? Have anger management issues? They may be just the things interviewers are looking for to make their show a little more intriguing to an audience.

3 Answer Your Phone!

Make sure your phone accepts both private numbers and blocked numbers. Sarah Monson, a casting director for reality TV shows, notes that she’s seen people miss out on reality TV opportunities because the network simply couldn’t get a hold of the people they were interested in.

4 Wear Something Memorable

If you’ve got it, definitely flaunt it. This is one of the accepted rules for how to ace a reality TV audition. If you have large boobs, don’t hide them behind loose fitting garments. If you have long legs, by all means show them off. If you’re a guy with a great 6-pack, be sure that shirt shows it off. Don’t wear a silly costume so you can stand out because you might stand out in the wrong way. Don’t wear something you’re not comfortable in - if you’re a burger flipper don’t wear a suit if you’re not used to wearing one, and don’t try to dress like a rapper if you’re a stockbroker. Also, do not wear clothes with logos, because they’ll have to be blurred out. Avoid wearing all white or all black.

5 Be “on” All the Time

You never know when you’re being watched. Sometimes casting directors will keep an eye on the waiting room or other waiting areas to see how people really behave.

6 Don’t Lie

Casting director Sarah Monson says this is one of the biggest deal breakers she encounters in the business. Something embarrassing in your past, like a criminal record or an unfortunate hazing incident, may not rule you out. But lying certainly will.

7 Make Yourself Look Good by Comparison

When standing in line or in the waiting room, try to position yourself between the shrinking violets or the moody, quiet ones. Do NOT bring your beautiful best friend with you. Don’t stand next to the most beautiful person in the room.

8 Don’t Be Too Picky about Which Show You Get on

Sarah Monson shared a story about someone who wanted to lose weight who passed on an opportunity to audition for “The Biggest Loser,” which always garners a great deal of applicants. This person got a part on a smaller Discovery Channel production and lost 80 pounds. The lesson here is that there may be lots of opportunities available, and it’s not always necessary that you always reach for the opportunities that seem the biggest or best. Sometimes smaller productions are a better fit.

9 If You’re Nervous, It’s Okay!

Sometimes the best thing you can do to alleviate stress is to just admit you’re nervous and move on. That way you can just be who you are. If you don’t have to drive, even a shot of alcohol can ease the nervousness!

10 Don’t Act Stupid!

Anyone can tell when you’re acting fake, especially casting directors. They don’t like it when you’re not being yourself, and they don’t care much for stupid stunts either.

11 Be Clear about Who You Are and Who You Aren’t

Think about how you would act, what you would say and things you would do if you confronted your nemesis. Describe this person to the casting director, then describe how you would react when encountering this person. This helps directors imagine how you might fit into the cast.

12 Rehearse Answering Tough Questions They May Ask You

Another of the ways to ace a reality TV audition is to be as prepared as you would when applying for a job. Just like job interviews, casting directors ask tough questions to draw you out. Expect to answer questions like, “Tell me about an experience that forever changed you,” “What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?” or “Tell me about a time you had to stand up for yourself or someone else.” These questions seem vague but they are designed to draw out your values and how you react to questions on the spot.

13 Own Whoever You Are

If you are fat, don’t be apologetic, simply own the fact. If you’re overly skinny or tall, own it. Same goes for every other flaw, enhancement or embarrassment you may have - just accept it as part of who you are.

14 Research the Production Companies

Don’t stoop to flattery and don’t say you’re a show’s biggest fan when you’re not, but it doesn’t hurt to know a little something about who produces what and what companies are behind some of the shows you watch or are applying for. Know the specific reason why you like or don’t like certain shows and what sets these shows apart from their competition.

15 Be Prepared with Answers to Questions You’ll Be Asked over and over on Applications

Where did you grow up? Have you ever been in love? How would your enemies describe you? What do you dislike about reality TV? These are the types of questions often encountered, and you should have strong, definitive answers prepared.

16 Don’t Send a Boring Recording of Yourself

Don’t just sit in front of a wall and tell a potential casting director all about your life and how interesting it is. Take them through your life, to your work, around your house, etc. Speak succinctly and clearly.

17 Practice Speaking in Front of a Camera

In most reality shows, there are cut-aways where one of the castmates is giving a few sound bites. When faced with a camera lens, you need to feel comfortable and be able to speak naturally. Watch a recording of yourself to see if you need to work on voice tone, posture, or expressions.

Sometimes it’s pure luck being cast on reality TV, other times it’s because people have aced an audition. Knowing how to get on a reality TV show doesn’t guarantee you get picked, but at least you’re prepared and ready to give it your best shot. Is it your dream to find fame through TV? Have you ever been to a reality TV audition?

Source: Sarah Monson - Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-Ass Guide to Get You on Any Reality Show

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