7 Top Celebrity Chefs I Can't Get Enough of ...


I don’t watch many cooking shows, but sometimes I have to make an exception because there are some top celebrity chefs that I just love. With all of the TV I watch, it may be surprising that I don’t watch a lot of cooking shows, but there are some that I can’t help getting addicted to. It may not be the shows themselves that I’m addicted too, but the chefs themselves. Here are some of my top celebrity chefs!

1. Gordon Ramsay

I don’t know what it is about British chefs, but I love them! As a self-proclaimed anglophile I can’t help but list a few here. Chef Ramsay is definitely my favorite of the top celebrity chefs! Some people might find him too mean, but I think it’s so entertaining. Watching all of the different shows he has is so much fun. Ramsay is the toughest chef on my list, but he’s also one of the most helpful. Out of all of his shows my favorite is "Kitchen Nightmares"; who doesn’t like make-over shows?!

Jamie Oliver
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