7 TV Shows to Watch with Your Boyfriend ...


Sometimes it can seem tough to find TV shows to watch with your boyfriend, especially if you have different interests. I definitely wouldn't suggest watching shows like Bridezillas or Real Housewives regularly with your guy, but there are plenty of other shows out there you can both enjoy! Just because you're both watching the TV, doesn't mean you can't still bond while doing so. Thus, here are 7 great TV shows to watch with your boyfriend!

1. True Blood

Vampires, sex, and gorgeous characters, who wouldn't want to watch True Blood? This is definitely my top pick of favorite TV shows to watch with your boyfriend. My boyfriend and I both love the show and make it a Sunday night ritual to watch the newest episode together. We are both big fans of fantasy based story lines, so if you and your boyfriend are too, then this is the perfect show! Plus, the show has a very sexy aspect to it, which makes it even better to watch with your boyfriend. Talk about spicing things up a bit on a Sunday night! Each season has tons of twists, romantic story lines, and a bit of comedy thrown in that the both of you will enjoy! Just make sure you both don't mind a bit (okay a lot) of blood and disturbing images.

How I Met Your Mother
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