Calling All Game of Thrones Fans: Peter Dinklage Movies You Need to See ...


Pretty much everyone who watches Game of Thrones agrees that Peter Dinklage is the most awesome thing about it.

He's so good as Tyrion Lannister that the series wouldn't be the same without him.2

But he has an impressive CV behind him, and has appeared in some excellent movies.

So if you've only seen him in Game of Thrones, here are some of his movie and TV roles that you need to see …

1. The Station Agent

You probably haven't even heard of The Station Agent, which is one of those movies that didn't get huge publicity.

That's because it's one of the rare movies that focuses on characters rather than CGI and action.

It's the story of a man who seeks solitude, but finds that his new neighbors are determined to make friends with him.

The movie shows the value of friendship but avoids being annoyingly twee.

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