8 Stunning Nature Documentaries ...


Nature Documentaries take you out of the theatre (or your living room, wherever you happen to be watching!) and transport you to an entirely different world. You might end up in the ocean or the desert, at the Arctic or the plains. I love a nature documentary that really explains something to me; I want to learn something that I didn't know before and understand why an animal does what it does, or why something occurs only in a certain area. I've found some of the best documentaries about nature that I'd love to share with you, and I want to hear about your favorites, too!

1. Blue Planet


Blue Planet is actually a series of nature documentaries, and as such, it's a deeply comprehensive look at the world around us. It highlights the sea life of many animals, including those that hadn't been examined before this documentary. Of course, you'll have to deal with some detailed discussions about sperm whales.

2. Microcosmos

youtube.com There was no way I could skip this nature documentary. F