7 Sensational Actors with Terrible TV Beginnings πŸ“Ί 😁 ...

We all have to start somewhere – agreed? Even megastars and A-listers need a break. Some stars had any number of jobs before they took up acting. Others hear the call at a tender age and find their way onto a TV show or into a movie. Not everyone – in fact, there are very few – finds instant stardom. Many actors have plenty of duds on their resume before they find their breakout role. Let’s see if you remember any of these questionable beginnings.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

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The Hunger Games star didn't have a very impressive start as a TV artist on 'The Bill Engvall Show.' She served two seasons in a show that took no skills to write, had a weak plot, and was boring as all hell. With such a terrible beginning, who could have thought back then that the girl's next stop would be the Academy Awards?

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