7 Actresses Who Inspire Us to Be Different ...

Among all of the celebrities in in Hollywood, there are actresses who inspire us in different ways. The way they carry themselves and what they stand for is refreshing to see and observe. These women know how to handle themselves in the public eye, they are not afraid of imperfection and they are not afraid to be themselves. With so much confidence, meaning and purpose in life these actresses who inspire us, represent role models for those who lack one.

1. Emma Watson

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At the top of the list of actresses who inspire us is Emma Watson. She had been on a public eye ever since she started the Harry Potter movies at just 10 years old and somehow she managed to keep a level head on her shoulders. Despite the fact that she was part of one of the biggest franchises ever, she made the right decision of attending Brown University and getting a bachelor’s degree in English literature, and she managed to do that while filming three big movies!

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