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There are some great quotes from “7th Heaven” that have stuck with me over the years. The show taught me a lot of lessons about life, but it was the witty and awesome dialogue that made this show what it is. I remember looking forward to each episode as if the week couldn’t go by fast enough. Here are some of my favorite life quotes from “7th Heaven.”

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Eric Camden

Eric Camden One of my favorite quotes from “7th Heaven” that Eric Camden says is “There`s always going to be somebody who’ll try to take your dignity and self-esteem. Just never let them take your voice.” I know growing up I never felt confident in who I was. But as I found my own voice, I began to speak up about what I thought mattered and express myself. Eric hits home with this quote because he highlights that people will always try to belittle you but your voice is a way to fight back and say that you are more than enough.


Annie Camden

Annie Camden Annie Camden may be the loving mom in the community but she is also very strong and commanding when she needs to be. She’s not afraid to take charge. In the show, she says, “You want a piece of me? I brought seven kids into this world, I can take one out.” I love her spunk! She’s a voice for mothers everywhere that though they love and care for you, that if you get on their bad side, you better watch out because they are in control.


Simon Camden

Simon Camden In one episode, Simon asks his mom, “What’s for breakfast?” She replies, “Any cereal in the cupboard you want.” I find this quote very refreshing because it reminds me that no one is my servant. I shouldn’t expect anyone to cater to my every whim. Simon learns this when it comes to breakfast but I feel it’s an important life lesson to carry with you in any situation. It highlights that you need to appreciate when people go out of their way to do something for you such as making breakfast.


Theme Song

Theme Song “Where can you go / when the world don’t treat you right? / The answer is home.” I love this part of the theme song because it’s reassuring that no matter what happens to you, that you will be cared for at home. Home is different for everyone, whether it be with your family or your friends who you’ve adopted as part of the family. One element I loved about “7th Heaven” was that home wasn’t limited to the people who shared your blood.


Reverend Morgan Hamilton

Reverend Morgan Hamilton “We cannot fight hate with hate. What are we teaching our children today? That will make things better for tomorrow?” I love this quote by Reverend Morgan Hamilton because it highlights the need to teach our children qualities that we want to flourish in the future generations. Mindfulness is a therapeutic approach to being in the present moment which has been proven to lower rates of aggression, depression and stress. Some schools have started using mindfulness-based teaching approaches in order to instill this quality into children. I think it’s so cool to see how we can and are taking steps to make the world a better place.


About the Puppies

About the Puppies I love Simon’s innocent logic as he comes downstairs exhausted one morning and asks his mom for coffee. Happy, the family dog, recently had puppies and Simon and Ruthie were supposed to take turns with the feedings. Annie asks, “Why would you have to get up for feedings?” Simon replies, “Well, every time the puppies ate, we fed Happy so she wouldn’t run out of milk!” He says it so seriously that it makes me laugh. Just goes to show how like kids think.


Mary Camden

Mary Camden “Cheese covers a myriad of sins.” I find this quote just funny because so many people I know talk about certain foods as the gateway drug to sin. Chocolate. Bacon. Cheese. You name it, they’ve been there. What’s your guilty pleasure?

“7th Heaven” is a show that deals with family, acceptance, patience, trust and a whole lot of faith. These are just some of my favorite quotes from the show. What are some lines or episodes that stood out to you?

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After reading the quotes I must see this show, how can I watch in the Uk?

wow I miss this show

7th heaven is my all time favourite. Learned so much about life by watching this show💜

Love 7th heaven

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