8 Books to Read in 2013 before They Become Movies ...

If you're a lover of both movies and reading, then this is definitely a great list of books to read in 2013 for you! It seems like every great book is now being turned into a movie, and sometimes it's more fun to read the book before you see the movie! Thus, this is a list of 10 books to read in 2013 before they become movies! It will help add more titles to your reading list as well as possibly excite you to learn that your favorite book you've already read is being turned into a movie soon!

1. Carrie

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First up on our list of books to read in 2013 before they become movies is Stephen King's classic 1974 novel Carrie. This remake of the 1976's movie "Carrie" will feature Chloe Moretz as Carrie White, who is a lonely and awkward teen, constantly bullied at school by her peers and beaten at home at the hands of her religious mother. However, Carrie has a secret: she has the incredible power of telekinesis and her classmates will soon find out how terrifying that can be for them. Carrie is expected to come to theaters on October 18, 2013.

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