15 Classic Hollywood πŸ“½ Stars 🌟 That Were Original ☝🏼 Beauty Goals πŸ’‹ ...


Open the pages of any gossip or glamour magazine today and you will no doubt be greeted by one, two or all of the Kardashian clan. Beautiful women no doubt, and they certainly evoke their own brand of modern beauty goals, but what about the host of gloriously glamourous women that ruled the world in the eras of Golden Age and Classic Hollywood? Let’s take a journey back in time to marvel at some of the gorgeous movie stars who can all stake a claim boasting the original beauty goals!

1. Joan Crawford

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Long time rival Bette Davis once described Joan Crawford as the most beautiful woman in the world. When your haters are saying that, then you know you must be a true beauty, and Crawford most certainly was! Thanks to Ryan Murphy’s recent hit show Feud, Joan is deservedly back in the Hollywood spotlight.

Elizabeth Taylor
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