7 Compelling Reasons to Jump on the Wahlburgers Bandwagon ...

Wahlburgers is an amazing show on A&E, and if you're not watching it, you need to start. I'm usually not big on reality shows like this. I like my reality TV like I like my garbage cans: trashy! However, my parents started watching this because since I moved to Massachusetts, they watch anything having to do with Boston and the North Shore. They've been telling me about it for ages, mainly because they want me to take them to the restaurant the next time they come up. See, Wahlburgers isn't just a show, it's an actual place. More than that, it's a way of life, as the Better Half and I discovered when we finally caught a mini-marathon. And here's why you, too, need to jump on the Wahlburgers bandwagon.

1. The Premise

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The premise is one of the best things about Wahlburgers. It's a reality show but there's no trash, no backstabbing, and the drama you see is the kind you probably experience with your own family. That it's based on a real life restaurant, rather than one manufactured for TV, is even better, because you could have the opportunity of visiting the spot that inspires the show you find so entertaining.

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