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“Black Butler,” an anime TV show, captivates you from the beginning. Watching the relationship between Sebastian and Ciel, let alone with the other characters who weave their way into the plot is so interesting. Whether or not you like anime is relative once you’ve checked this show out. I strongly recommend that you give “Black Butler” a shot. It might surprise you.

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One reason to watch “Black Butler” is the plot. Ciel Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive Manor, makes a deal with the demon Sebastian Michaelis to get revenge on the people who killed his parents and burned his estate to the ground. Sebastian must serve Ciel as his devoted butler as they run errands for the Queen amongst the search for the killers. The supernatural twist on the show adds a great element to the series.



I think Sebastian is a pretty solid reason to watch the show. He is simply “one hell of a butler.” He manages to help Ciel capture the bad guy in each episode while preparing tea, mainly Earl Grey, and various treats for tea-time. He’s sharp, intelligent, creative and definitely a butler worth his salt. I love Sebastian!



Once you watch the first few episodes, you get hooked. “Black Butler” is very addictive and you can’t wait to see what happens next. Will Ciel get his revenge? Who did it? What will happen when Sebastian devours Ciel’s soul? What will happen to the Phantomhive Manor after? You’ll have to watch to find out! Luckily there are only two seasons so you can breeze through the twenty-some-minute episodes in no time.


On the Edge of Your Seat

One aspect I love about “Black Butler” is that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never guess what will happen in the show. I think that’s good because it means the plot isn’t predictable and mundane. Rather, it’s lively and full of adventure. It portrays demons, angels, grim reapers, Jack the Ripper and even the art of making curry.



Ciel’s actions are calm and calculated, well that is until Lizzy steps in the room. As a psychology lover, I enjoy psychoanalyzing Ciel, the twelve-year-old who lost his parents and now is eager for revenge. What’s more, I love the dynamic between Sebastian and Ciel. Ciel constantly reminds Sebastian that he is to serve him as a butler until Sebastian helps him get revenge. It’s funny to see what Ciel makes him do at times.



I’ve always been a supporter of becoming more cultured. Anime is a type of Japanese creation that has a distinct artistic design. I think you should watch “Black Butler” to expand your perspective a little. Even more, you can watch the show in Japanese if you are learning that language. Don’t worry if you aren’t. I just enjoy seeing this unique kind of show because you get to learn about a different culture while doing so.



“Black Butler” is awesome. It’s as simple as that. I think that with its original plot, action-packed episodes, witty dialogue and one hell of a butler, the show becomes a classic. It’s well-known in the anime community so if you’re going to start anywhere, I suggest you start here. I started watching per my sister’s request and am now trying to get my friends hooked.

“Black Butler” is a great show to watch with friends or snuggle up and marathon through the show. What is your favorite part? Who is your favorite character?

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You make me wanna watch it

Best anime ever

I got addicted to it now because of ur review on it! It's so amazing!!!

I love black butler!! grell, the undertaker, Sebastian and ceil are all my favs

my friend watches this...im hesitant because normally i don't watch animes...should I start watching it?

One of my favorites anime:)

I love black butler

seen it!

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