7 Fabulous Characters Portrayed by Emma Stone That You Can't Help but Love ...

Since her film debut in 2007's "Superbad," the characters portrayed by Emma Stone have left lasting impressions on movie critics everywhere. She has gone on to play a variety of characters, from a class clown to being featured in more dramatic roles. Whether you like her or not, the point remains that some of her characters have had many redeeming qualities. Here are a few characters portrayed by Emma Stone that I feel are certainly worth mentioning; take caution as this list may contain a few spoilers!

1. Gwen Stacy – "the Amazing Spider-Man"

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When it was first announced, I was excited to hear about the planned revamp of the Spider-Man franchise, making Gwen Stacy one of the top characters portrayed by Emma Stone. "The Amazing Spider-Man" follows the comic book's original premise a bit more closely than its predecessors, leading to the introduction of Peter Parker's original first love. Both honorable and honest, I was greatly impressed by Emma's portrayal of this beloved character.

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