7 Fabulous Characters Portrayed by Emma Stone That You Can't Help but Love ...


7 Fabulous Characters Portrayed by Emma Stone That You Can't Help but Love ...
7 Fabulous Characters Portrayed by Emma Stone That You Can't Help but Love ...

Since her film debut in 2007's "Superbad," the characters portrayed by Emma Stone have left lasting impressions on movie critics everywhere. She has gone on to play a variety of characters, from a class clown to being featured in more dramatic roles. Whether you like her or not, the point remains that some of her characters have had many redeeming qualities. Here are a few characters portrayed by Emma Stone that I feel are certainly worth mentioning; take caution as this list may contain a few spoilers!

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Gwen Stacy – "the Amazing Spider-Man"

Gwen Stacy – "the Amazing Spider-Man" When it was first announced, I was excited to hear about the planned revamp of the Spider-Man franchise, making Gwen Stacy one of the top characters portrayed by Emma Stone. "The Amazing Spider-Man" follows the comic book's original premise a bit more closely than its predecessors, leading to the introduction of Peter Parker's original first love. Both honorable and honest, I was greatly impressed by Emma's portrayal of this beloved character.


Olive Penderghast – "Easy a"

Olive Penderghast – "Easy a" I am sure that many will agree that "Easy A" was one of the best comedies of 2010. With a blunt and hilarious character like Olive Penderghast leading the story, it isn't hard to see why this role caused Emma Stone to shoot up the popularity ladder. While her character shows some less than desirable traits, such as feeling the need to lie in order to hide her true self, it can be said that she is completely relatable due to this very action.


Hannah Weaver – "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

Hannah Weaver – "Crazy, Stupid, Love." I am absolutely in love with Emma Stone's portrayal of Hannah Weaver in "Crazy, Stupid, Love." As a law school graduate, Hannah displays very strong qualities. While it would certainly be hard for anyone not to fall for the amazing Ryan Gosling (who portrays player Jacob), I applaud her for being firm in her resolve not to lower her expectations of how she should be treated.


Grace Faraday – "Gangster Squad"

Grace Faraday – "Gangster Squad" Loosely based on LAPD's attempts to combat gangster Mickey Cohen, this movie follows the themes of corruption and violence that occur after World War II. While I wasn't a large fan of social etiquette teacher Grace Faraday in the beginning, I grew to respect her when she is finally faced with the ultimate decision to either flee permanently or be brave and help take down this reigning criminal.


Skeeter Phelan – "the Help"

Skeeter Phelan – "the Help" I freely admit that Skeeter Phelan is one of my favorite movie characters of all time. She was definitely an integral part of the film "The Help"; through her work as a journalist, she helps expose the cruel treatment and racist profiling of two maids. I was incredibly pleased to hear that the movie won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.


Abby – "Paper Man"

Abby – "Paper Man" As a writer myself, I could not help but become intrigued by this movie that centers on a man who feels defeated by his writer's block. There is something about Emma's character Abby that just seems so incredibly honest.


Wichita – "Zombieland"

Wichita – "Zombieland" If you are a fan of the zombie apocalypse premise, then the film "Zombieland" is sure to pique your interest. I love that Wichita, a con artist, has such a "take no prisoners" attitude! With her quick thinking and resilient nature, I would definitely have her leading my team if zombies took over.

Emma Stone's skills are a main factor in what makes her one of my favorite actresses. What are some of your favorite roles that Emma Stone has been featured in? Are you looking forward to any of her upcoming projects?

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Who cares about her characters?!? Emma Stone is one of those amazing down to earth genuinely happy etc actors that Hollywood doesn't get too many of these types of strong willed good head on her shoulder type young actress's! She's a rare one! Love her!

House bunny!!!

Where is she for House Bunny?!

Love emma💋💋💗💜

I love emma stone

She is definitely my lady crush.

What about when she was in 'The Rocker' (I forgot the character's name)

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