Film Focus: Women Directors in Hollywood ...


Movie directing seems to be one of those long standing male bastions women have to work really hard at to break down. If I asked you to name some top movie directors, how many women would feature in your list? Let’s change that. Let’s put the spotlight on some female movie directors. #ReaderKnows

1. Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

The path to the director's chair was never an easy one for Sofia Coppola despite her illustrious parent, but she never lost sight of her goals and is now an inspiration for new female directors. The only daughter of Francis Ford and Eleanor Coppola, she was born while her father was working on his masterpiece, The Godfather. "Lost in Translation", a comedy drama about friendship and love, is one of her best and most well known works and it gave her the honor of being the first American woman ever to be nominated for the Best Director Academy Award.

2. Dee Rees

At the age of 34, Rees has achieved what most filmmakers cannot achi