7 Fun Facts about Disney's "the Little Mermaid" You Didn't Know ...

Ariel is by far one of my favorite Disney princesses, so it’s completely understandable that I’m always on the lookout for facts about The Little Mermaid. If you’re a fan like me, you’ve seen the three movies, the TV show, and know almost all of the songs by heart. You know all about the adventures that go on under the sea. But here are some fun facts about The Little Mermaid that even I didn’t know!

1. Alyssa Milano

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Photos of child actress Alyssa Milano were used when drawling Ariel. If you look at the contours of their faces, the resemblance is remarkable. Glen Keane, the animator of the film, announced that indeed he did use Milano as inspiration. Not many people can say that there is a Disney character, a princess no less, designed after them! Even more, Milano narrates the Disney’s The Making Of The Little Mermaid where you learn endless facts about The Little Mermaid.

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