10 Geek Movies to Love...


As a self-proclaimed geek, I love nerdy movies. The science fiction, the magic, the action, and the cute superheroes, what’s not to love? I would probably pick a geeky movie over a romantic comedy any day. They take you to different times and places and can let your mind run wild. So curl up on the couch, turn your cell phone off, and release your inner dork with these top 10 geek movies.

1. Harry Potter

I was literally disappointed when I didn’t get my acceptance letter to Hogwarts on my 11th birthday, so I have resorted to becoming obsessed with the Harry Potter series instead. Harry Potter is a young orphan who learns he is actually a wizard and all 7 books tells of his adventures at his magical school. I grew up with these movies and I get very emotionally attached to the characters. To anyone who has not seen these movies, I HIGHLY recommended them. They will honestly change your life.

Lord of the Rings
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