7 Exciting Movie Sequels in 2013 ...


7 Exciting Movie Sequels in 2013 ...
7 Exciting Movie Sequels in 2013 ...

There are a lot of really exciting movie sequels in 2013. I had no idea some of the following movies were even planning sequels – or, I don't know, three-quels, in some cases. However, I'm dying to see every one of them. As you'll see, there are tons of action movie sequels in 2013, but there are plenty of comedies and fantasy flicks as well. Take a look at the movies I can't wait to see, and if they don't match up with yours, let me know what you're anticipating this year!

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I cannot emphasize how excited I am to see Catching Fire. I could write a whole post about it, but I'd basically be fangirling, and that's no fun for anyone except me. Suffice it to say that, for many moviegoers, this is one of the most exciting movie sequels in 2013. I can't wait to see how all the new casting choices do, especially Finnick, I can't wait to see how the games are done, and of course I look forward to the love triangle as it gets more intense. Are you excited too? (As yet, there are only fan-made trailers and sneak-peek teasers, but that's better than nothing, right?)


A Good Day to Die Hard

I talk a lot of smack about Sylvester and Arnold, about how they should either retire or take on roles that let them embrace their ages a little more gracefully. I do not talk that same smack about Bruce Willis. I cannot wait to see A Good Day to Die Hard. The premise can probably go either way but I don't care, I just want to see more McClane. There are rumors that Patrick Stewart's going to be in this too. Please please please...


Star Trek into Darkness

All the solar flares aside, I liked Star Trek. Chris Pine did a decent job and Zachary Quinto was pretty awesome. I think the second one will be amazing as well – especially if they lay off all the flares. There's a lot of potential for this franchise, I just hope the second one lives up to the expectation.


Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 won't have any trouble living up to the hype, I don't think. The cast is solid, although it would be solid even if RDJ played every role himself. Gwyneth is back, Don Cheadle is War Machine, and you'll even get to see Jon Favreau. Okay, that's not so awesome, but seriously, you know this is going to be jam packed with lots of thrilling action and adventure and Tony Stark sarcasm.


The Hangover: Part III

This movie doesn't even have a proper trailer yet, that's how hot it is! People have posted fan-made spoiler videos showing Zach Galifianakis driving down the highway pulling a horse trailer and giving a eulogy at a funeral, so who knows what's up? The second movie was kind of disappointing, because it was basically the first film in a new locale. I'm excited to give this one a chance because I love Zach Galifianakis with an unholy passion, I think Bradley Cooper is ridiculously sexy, and there won't be any weddings or bachelor parties – so maybe it will be original and recapture the spirit of the first film!


Anchorman: the Legend Continues

You know this is going to be awesome, right? The original cast is returning, so you'll get to see plenty of Ron, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland (and his weird non sequitur witticisms), and Champ Kind. However, both Kristen Wiig and Luke Wilson are rumored as well, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because they would make this movie even better.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Although The Lightning Thief was kind of iffy, with people understandably comparing the franchise to Harry Potter, I liked the first film and I'm excited to see this one as well. I love mythology movies, and I loved the way both the books and the film introduced youngsters to the classic gods. And seriously, I would watch this just for the pleasure of seeing Stanley Tucci as Dionysus.

I'll be honest, I'm most excited about Catching Fire. A lot of people had mixed reactions to The Hunger Games, but I loved every single moment – and I'm totally Team Peeta. Which sequels are you looking forward to – or do you think Hollywood should just let a good movie stand on its own?

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Thor 2. :) Chris hemsworth. All that needs to be said

That's not the actual hunger games..

#7 isn't an official trailer because there's a section from three musketeers which happens to be a great movie

I am so looking forward the die hard movie and the Star Trek 2 movie. Chris Pine and Bruce Willis are both Hot and sexy

Iron man 3 waaa!!!;-)

I can't wait to see all of these movies, well except the last one. I couldn't get into the Percy Jackson stuff.

When's the hunger games catching fire come out?

#1 isn't an official trailer either it doesn't have Jennifer lawrence

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