9 Heartbreaking Fictional Deaths I Will Never Get over ...

By Lauren

9 Heartbreaking Fictional Deaths I Will Never Get over ...

I love a good story, but great stories are often fraught with heartbreaking fictional deaths that leave us sobbing loudly at the back of the cinema or trying to dry the sodden pages of our favorite books. There are so many fictional deaths that have readers and viewers close to a state of depression, but here are 9 of the most heartbreaking fictional deaths that I will never get over.

1 Ellie from up

Hands up who cried? Anyone that didn’t feel at least a little bit moved by one of the most heartbreaking fictional deaths on screen in recent years must have a heart of stone. Their relationship is presented so beautifully on screen and everyone can feel the love between them, but then after a long happy life together, Carl has to say goodbye to the love of his life. It’s no wonder it’s so heartbreaking.

2 Marley from Marley and Me

I swear I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Whether you’re a dog lover, all-round animal lover or just any other human being, you had to be devastated by Marley’s death. I knew full well it was coming and still cried like a baby.

3 Bambi’s Mum from Bambi

This is one of the most classic heartbreaking fictional deaths of all time and generations have experienced the trauma that is seeing baby Bambi cry after his mother is shot. Sniff.

4 Shmuel and Bruno from the Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Just thinking about the Holocaust is utterly heartbreaking but the death of the two boys in the book and the movie adaptation drives home the innocence of the victims even more.

5 Mufasa from the Lion King

There is no way I am ever, ever going to get over this one. It’s just the way Simba tries desperately to wake his dad and once he realizes he’s not going to wake up (sob) he curls up close to him and just cries helplessly.

6 Jack Dawson from Titanic

Whether you’re a fan of soppy love stories or not, Jack’s death is enough to make you want to do nothing but sit around the house for weeks and eat ice cream. It’s made so much worse by the fact that the disaster itself really happened and took so many lives.

7 Hazel from Watership down

There’s something so sad about the way Hazel lays down to die when he is told by the death rabbit that it is his time to go. I don’t think anyone’s eyes are dry when they first watch the movie.

8 Fred Weasley from Harry Potter

Fred’s death doesn’t get very much attention because of all the other heartbreaking deaths, but it is a contender for the most heartbreaking of all because he leaves his identical twin all alone in the world.

9 Nearly Everyone else That Dies in Harry Potter

There were so many tragic deaths in the series and they could easily justify their own list! Everyone was devastated by the deaths of Dumbledore, Dobby and Snape. But there were also Cedric Diggory, Sirius, Hedwig, Remus and Tonks, Colin Creevey, as well as numerous other characters that we don’t know quite so well. Thanks a bunch J.K. Rowling.

There are far too many heartbreaking fictional deaths to name, but these are just a few that were extremely memorable for me. Are there any fictional deaths that you feel like you’ll never get over?

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