7 Hot Guys on Bones Who Take Our Breath Away ...


7 Hot Guys on Bones Who Take Our Breath Away ...
7 Hot Guys on Bones Who Take Our Breath Away ...

One of my greatest guilty pleasures lately is the hot guys on Bones. I say "guilty pleasure" because, while I'm completely devoted to my husband, I still enjoy a bit of eye candy once in a while. I'm told this is completely normal and fine as long as I don't over-indulge or do it in front of him; I hope that's true, because it's just so much fun to have them on in the background during the day while I pretend to do housework. For your viewing pleasure, here are my favorite hot guys on Bones.

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Seely Booth

Seely Booth Do I really need to explain my attraction here? He's one of the hot guys on Bones who can carry off the scruffy look and polished look at the same time. He's got a good heart and tries to see the good in people, even if there isn't much to be found. He's one of the few guys I've seen who looks good in a beer helmet. Of course, the fact that he's usually in the bathtub at the time certainly doesn't hurt.


Jack Hodgins

Jack Hodgins I've said it before and I'll say it again - I have a thing for the geeks. His blue eyes and curly hair are a perfect match for the character's quirky conspiracy-theorist personality. I'd love to be in the lab when he and [insert intern here] blow stuff up. I'm not sure if he still sports the tattoos Angela's dad put on him while he was drunk, but the sight of him in a tank top makes up for any weird ink he might have.


Vincent Nigel-Murray

Vincent Nigel-Murray I fell in love with this guy the moment I heard his first factoid. It was then that I knew someone at Bones had channeled my inner trivia geek and given it a sexy accent. Without him, I'd never have known that 90% of people have fecal matter on the bottom of their shoes or that tongue prints are as distinctive as fingerprints. I think my favorite bit of trivia from him is, "It's absolutely impossible to kiss your own elbow." It's true. I tried it.


Oliver Wells

Oliver Wells I knew this guy would be interesting when he showed up at the diner with a bag of severed heads. He has the same "geeky-cute" looks Hodgins does with the same propensity to do wild experiments. Unfortunately, the character's a total jerk. Oh well. There's always the "mute" button.


Arastoo Vaziri

Arastoo Vaziri I don't normally talk to the TV, but when he got a nasty virus in Season 8 I kept saying, "Please don't let the beautiful man die... please don't let the beautiful man die." He's just gorgeous. Between that thick black hair and caramel-colored skin, he's easily one of the most attractive men on the show. The fact that he's incredibly intelligent but humble at the same time just adds icing to the cake. I'm jealous that Cam gets to kiss those lips.


Finn Abernathy

Finn Abernathy As a lifelong Southerner, it's nice to see a character with the same accent I grew up around. I love his little Southern-isms - Well, cut my legs off and call me shorty! You're still as cute as a junebug in a jumpsuit. I'm also from North Carolina, so I guess I identify with him. He's a sweetie with a sense of humor and an affection for catfish that makes me feel like I'm back in high school, except without the pimples and Coke-bottle glasses.


Wendell Bray

Wendell Bray Wendell has a kind of small-town, working-class charm that reminds me of shop class in high school. He's sweet and humble - one of those guys who's good looking but doesn't seem to know it. He plays hockey and is a former boxer, which is probably why that nude sketch Angela did looked so good even after he painted boxer shorts over the, um, relevant parts. Oh, how I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall when that sketch was being done...

Like I said, hot guys on Bones can be a guilty pleasure. Oh, well. At least this kind of candy won't give me cavities. How about you? What's your favorite kind of eye candy? Did I leave anyone out? I'm sure I did, but I only had so much space. What do you think?

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Linda, what was his name again? He definitely was a hottie. :)

He can give me therapy anytime. :)

And what about Angela 's ex-husband?

Hey, what about Dr. Lance Sweets, he is gorgeous and funny!

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