7 Scenes from Sons of Anarchy That Left Us Breathless ...


7 Scenes from Sons of Anarchy That Left Us Breathless ...
7 Scenes from Sons of Anarchy That Left Us Breathless ...

I don't think you'd call me a crow-eater, but I'm a big enough fan that there are certain scenes from Sons of Anarchy that still give me the chills. Since season 6 just wrapped up in the most jaw-dropping way possible, I thought it would be a great time to share some of the moments that left fans breathless. Whether you're crazy about Jax or adore Gemma's mother bear moments, I hope you'll agree that these are some of the best scenes from Sons of Anarchy ever. If you haven't finished the final season yet, there be spoilers in #6, so be warned!

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Opie's Violent End

Opie's Violent End Actually, every bit of the storyline involving Opie, Piney, and Clay was just … heartbreaking, but it's Opie's final sacrifice that comes in at number one, because few TV deaths have gotten to me so deeply and few scenes from Sons of Anarchy made me cry so hard. After the “mysterious” death of his father, Opie himself went into a downward spiral, but he gave himself up for the good of the club – and broke Jax's heart in the process.


Jax Sabotages Wendy

Jax Sabotages Wendy When Wendy was threatening to take Abel away, after getting clean, everyone knew Jax was going to go nuts. You do not mess with his children (especially after #3). To make sure she had no shot of saying anything, he pulled off one of his most diabolical acts: he injected her with enough heroin to make sure that no one ever takes her stories of a bad family life seriously.


Abel Gets Taken

Abel Gets Taken When Jax finds out that Abel was abducted, he goes manic. The cliffhanger scene of him screaming on the dock is chilling, and one of the reasons Charlie Hunnam is such a great actor – he's capable of tearing out your heart. The following season takes place in Ireland, where Jax is led on a convoluted goose chase to find his tiny son. All seems lost … but then, all always seems lost with the Sons. There was a happy ending waiting though.


Every Scene Involving Otto, Ever

Every Scene Involving Otto, Ever Sorry, I know that's a cop-out, but Kurt Sutter's Otto just had so many pivotal scenes, especially once he came to believe the Sons betrayed him. From selling them out to biting off his own tongue to masturbating over his dearly departed love's perfume, Otto was a creepy, violent, but monumental character who simultaneously helped out the club at the end, and doomed them to a downward spiral. RIP, Otto.


Ant Eaters

Ant Eaters This left me breathless for sheer, gory, inventive violence. Remember those bad, bad Russians? Remember the one who got buried up to his chest and then eaten by ants? Yeah. That's some horrifyingly gross stuff right now – but that's what you get for crossing the club.


The scene from Sons of Anarchy involving ant eaters is one of the most gruesome scenes of the show. It involves a Russian mobster who is buried up to his chest and then eaten alive by a swarm of ants. This scene is a testament to the show's willingness to push the boundaries of violence and gore, as it was one of the most shocking moments of the series. It also serves as a warning to anyone who would dare cross the club, as the mobster's fate serves as an example of the consequences of their actions. This scene has been referenced in other works of media, and has become one of the most iconic moments from the show.


Season 6 (SPOILERS)

Season 6 (SPOILERS) This is kind of a cop-out too, but there were too many delicious moments in season 6, and I wanted to put potential spoilers under one point. Tara's plan took on insidious undertones, but she also proved that she's always one step ahead of Gemma (until the end, anyway...). But who could have imagined they'd finally do away with Clay, and in such a bloody, well put together fashion? How about the death of the despicable Lee Toric? And what do you think of the explosive season finale? Please tell me that I was not the only one happy to see Tara get her comeuppance; otherwise I'll feel like a really awful person.


Clay Vs. Gemma

Clay Vs. Gemma These two had lots of fights throughout the years, but it was the final battle that left audiences breathless and cheering for Gemma. After Clay went out of his greedy way to get rid of not only Gemma's son but also the mother of one grandchild (she probably later regretted caring about that), and further went on to beat the ever-loving hell out of Gemma, she struck back – hard. But it was that vicious beating, really, that got the adrenaline pumping. It was hard to be at all sympathetic to Clay after that.

Sons of Anarchy is definitely one of my favorite shows, and I'm slightly heartbroken that season 7's probably going to be the end – though there's hope of a prequel series! Who's your favorite SOA character? Did you rejoice to see the end of any characters?

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Otto scares the shit outta me, I love Jax soooooo sexy!

I couldn't agree even more! Love sons of anarchy!

Gemma is a stone cold killllaaaaaa lol


Not what I wanted^ dumb icons. Anyway, I love this show. Very violent and full of crazy drama, but it's the best! Jax❤️ amazing!

SOA is so addicting! Season 6 def the most exciting. watch if you haven't already.

Was sad to see Tara go, deaf the best shock of all thus far!

Hmmm i should start watching this... Never knew

Jax is my favourite! He is so sexy! I wasn't to heartbroken when they took Clay out! he deserved it long before they did..

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