Pretty Little Liars Endgame Couples ...


Pretty Little Liars Endgame Couples ...
Pretty Little Liars Endgame Couples ...

Beware this article contains many spoilers. Seriously, stop reading if you never watched Pretty Little Liars. I'm going to talk about Pretty Little Liars endgame couples.

Normally, I would say that it’s way too soon to take a look back at a television show that just ended last year but I found out that the pilot aired 8 years ago today. That news inspired me to think about the ways that Pretty Little Liars impacted popular culture and its popularity on social media. The show broke Twitter records, inspired other teen shows, and created tons of discussion. One of the biggest topics of discussion during the seven seasons was the controversial and at times unnecessary couples. As a fan who loved the first few seasons and somehow endured the series finale, I am going to rank the endgame couples of the show. Note to all Pretty Little Liars fans, I rooted for Paige and Spaleb so my opinions might lean towards highly unpopular. Here's what you should know about Pretty Little Liars endgame couples.

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Hanna and Caleb (Haleb)

black, photograph, black and white, beauty, girl, This is the only endgame couple of the show that maintains a somewhat healthy balance from season one to season seven. They are the traditional bad boy and popular girl coupled with just the right amount of chemistry and passion. They went through difficult times when Caleb spied on Hanna for an enemy, left her for a ghost, and hooked up with her best friend. Okay, so Hanna could do much better but as my ranking continues it becomes apparent that she could do much much worse.


Spencer and Toby (Spoby)

interaction, love, girl, romance, conversation, This was actually a very difficult decision because I love Spencer more than life itself and despise postseason 3A Toby. However, the remaining couples are so terrible that Spoby automatically lands in second place. In the first couple of seasons, they were great together. Toby brought out Spencer’s romantic and caring side while Spencer encouraged and inspired him. Then, he pretended to be on the A Team, caused her mental breakdown, and forced her to choose between him and her friends. So yes, Spencer should’ve ended the show single.


Emily and Alison (Emison)

girl, smile, black hair, long hair, happiness, It actually pains me to put this couple in the third spot but I just have to do it. We meet Emily in the pilot as a kind and athletic teenager who is struggling with her identity as she comes to terms with liking girls and we root for her as she navigates through those feelings. Emily becomes confident with herself and fans will always argue over her best relationship. I enjoyed Emily with Paige while others preferred her with Maya and some with Alison. The reason Emison comes in third is really due to Alison and Emily’s personality change when she’s with Alison. Alison bullied, manipulated, and used Emily for personal enjoyment. For that reason alone I find their relationship and Emily’s ending upsetting.


Aria and Ezra (Ezria)

photograph, girl, lady, emotion, interaction, In the first season, most of the fans went crazy for Ezria because they hook up in the bathroom at this local pub and then we find out that Ezra is actually Aria’s high school English teacher. This was bad but then things get worse when we discover that Ezra knew that Aria was a teenager when they met and was using her to write a book about her missing friend, Alison. Their whole relationship is unsettling as he abused his position of power over her and his existence ruins Aria’s potential character development. They nabbed the last spot in my ranking because this inappropriately aged couple managed to be both boring and creepy. They also randomly ate a lot of pie together which goes against my love of cake.

That took longer than expected but that is my ranking of the Pretty Little Liars endgame couples. Please leave comments if you want to suggest more PLL topics or topics related to other television shows. Happy 8th to all of the PLL fans!

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