9 Reasons Austin Powers is Awesome ...


I have a confession to make. I love Austin Powers – every movie, the character himself, the characters within the movies, I love it all. Austin’s been much in my mind lately because I’ve been watching Goldmember nonstop, plus rumors are again on the rise that there’s going to be a fourth movie, focusing on Scott Evil. Yeah, baby! But lest you think I’m weird without explanation, here are some of the main reasons Austin Powers is awesome.

1. Austin Himself


Okay, so I love Mike Myers. I know some of his stuff is lowbrow, but I think he’s a comedic genius – and Austin himself is one of my favorite characters. One of the reasons Austin Powers is awesome is because, you know, he’s not attractive at all … and yet I do think he’s sexy, baby, yeah. I don’t know, I think it’s the accent. And the outfits. Those are just fabulous.

Dr. Evil
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