7 Reasons to Be Excited for 'Girl Meets World' ...


7 Reasons to Be Excited for 'Girl Meets World' ...
7 Reasons to Be Excited for 'Girl Meets World' ...

There’s really no way to describe how excited I am for 'Girl Meets World' to air. From the rumors of it being a possibility, to the actual confirmation of the project, I’ve been on cloud 9. The show will air on Disney Channel, which is super exciting! There are many reasons to be excited for 'Girl Meets World' but here’s a look at seven of them. Enjoy!

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The Adorable Young Cast

Remember the adorable cast of 'Boy Meets World'? Well, ‘Girl Meets World’ is no different. The Matthews family will be made up of Riley and Louis! Riley is played by Rowan Blanchard and Louis is played by August Maturo. Of course, we can’t forget Sabrina Carpenter, who will be playing Maya (Riley’s BFF and the female version of BMW’s Shawn). These adorable actors are definitely something to be excited about!


Guest Appearances

Ben Savage has made it clear that the new show will not be a 'Boy Meets World' reunion. Womp. However, we can expect some guest appearances from the old cast. In fact, Mr. Feeny is set to show up in the GMW pilot episode! I am way too excited for that. Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter, aka my childhood crush) is also in talks for making some appearances on the show. I mean, he’s Cory’s BFF, he NEEDS to show up! As for Eric Matthews, he’ll hopefully appear as the fun loving uncle to Riley and Louis!


It’s Set in NYC

'Boy Meets World' was set in Philly, but its sequel is set in the heart of NYC! I think it’s going to be so much fun to watch them tackle “city living.” What I really wish is that GMW actually did its live tapings here in the city rather than LA! I’m so jealous of anyone who's been able to go. Maybe season two will be filmed in NY? Fingers crossed.


It’s from a Girl’s Perspective

We learned a lot from Cory Matthews, didn’t we? But now, we get to learn from his daughter, Riley. I think it’s going to be so interesting to see her take on some of the same issues BMW took on. Even though the people who grew up watching BMW are a lot older now, I think all the issues are still going to be relatable. I’m so excited to watch Riley grow up just like I watched Cory grow up! I definitely plan on getting my niece hooked on GMW like I was hooked on BMW!


Cory is the New Feeny

One thing that BMW never got rid of was Mr. Feeny. As the boys grew up, Mr. Feeny was still right there beside them. In 'Girl Meets World,' Cory is going to be the new Feeny! He’ll be playing a middle school history teacher and Riley and Maya will both be in his class! I’m sure he’ll be the goofy teacher we’ll all wish we had.

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Production Team is Taking Feedback

Social media is on a whole new level than it was back when BMW was on TV. Nowadays, through Twitter/Facebook/etc., fans can create buzz about what they want to see. The director of GMW has even said that he loves reading fan feedback about casting, show decisions, and more. Since this show has such high expectations, they want to make sure the fans get what they want. I love that they’re really taking our thoughts into consideration! We have the power to make this the best show it can be!


It’s Premiering Soon

My excitement for GMW has been at an all time high ever since I found out the pilot got picked up! I’m so excited that Disney Channel picked the series up because I feel like it’s exactly what it needed. There’s no official release date just yet, but it is confirmed to premiere in 2014! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an early premiere. I can’t wait!

'Girl Meets World' is going to be an incredible show. I love that it promises to have the same family values that BMW had, but will still modernize it. There’s so many reasons to be excited! Will you be binge-watching the entire BMW series before its sequel comes out?

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Very excited!!

The Nostalgia of Boy Meets World has me excited about this show

when is this aring?

I will be watching, I loved Boy Meets World

Loved BMW, CanNot wait for this!!

Finally,the Disney Channel decided to air something we can probably actually relate to! The quality of their shows were going downhill...

Omg, I hope they don't fuck it up. I love boy meets world. I'm so excited!

Best post ever.

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