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7 Awesome Reasons to Watch Supernatural if You Don't Yet ...

By Lydia

There are a million and one reasons to watch "Supernatural!" Yes, there are a lot of episodes to catch up on if you've never seen it, but in the end it will definitely be worth it! If you're looking for a show that will make you laugh, cry, smile, and has some awesome story lines with supernatural beings than of course this is for you. Those were only a few reasons to watch "Supernatural," here are some others.

1 Characters

One of the biggest reasons to watch "Supernatural" has to be the characters. The characters on this show are really complex and you never really know who you're supposed to trust, other than the two main characters and even they sometimes fool you. There are characters that have come and gone that have left a huge impact on the fans whether they were in one episode or five seasons. You'll find yourself falling in love with some and counting down the days until another gets exposed as the evil they truly are.

2 Actors

The actors in this show are incredible. Not only can they perfectly depict the complicated aspects of the characters, but they're hilarious and amazing with their fans. The actors on the show quickly become loved by the fans, not just because of their characters, but because of how awesome they are. Even though they're really amazing, I can't ignore how wonderful their acting truly is.

3 Creatures

There are so many interesting creatures in this show that it definitely keeps you wanting more. There are some that people have heard of like witches, dragons, fairies, etc. but then there are some that you'd have to really be into folklore and myths to have heard of. It's a great aspect of the show because you get to learn something about new creatures if you're into that. If you're not into that it's still cool to watch because of all of the special effects and things like that.

4 Relationships

I will never do the relationships on this show justice in this post, because really a whole thesis could probably be done as an analysis of the relationships. What can be said here is that the fans of this show live off of the relationships on "Supernatural." Whether it's the actual relationships in the show or the ones that they wish would happen on the show, the fans get invested and excited to watch relationships develop. This isn't limited to romantic relationships because the show is really about family. So family, friends, enemies, romance, etc. is all in the show and they're all done amazingly.

5 Different Take on Things

"Supernatural" will take everything you think you know and flip it on its head. You'll find yourself rooting for demons and hating angels. Sometimes it can really confuse you and sometimes it messes with your head, but it's interesting and exciting. "Supernatural" also takes myths that you may have heard of and turns them into something much different than what you think you know.

6 Season Plots

While each episode has it's own plot that is usually resolved at the end of an episode, each season also has a plot. Even more, there are plots that span over multiple seasons. It sounds like it can get really confusing, but it's nice to know that you're heading to some sort of end whether it's for that season or that story line. Not every episode ties into an overarching plot though; there are a lot of just for fun episodes!

7 Eye Candy

My, oh, my are there some good looking people on this show! Not only are the two main characters very good looking, but many, if not most, of the peripheral characters are good looking too. I'm not just talking about men either, the women are really gorgeous. This may seem like a lame reason to watch a show, but really just look up the actors!

A list like this about "Supernatural" could go on for a really long time, but you should just go watch it for yourself. What reasons do you agree with? Are there any reasons that you watch/don't watch the show? Did this make you want to watch it?

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