7 Reasons to Read the Book before Watching the Movie ...


7 Reasons to Read the Book before Watching the Movie ...
7 Reasons to Read the Book before Watching the Movie ...

Have you ever wondered about the reasons to read the book before watching the movie? You’ve likely heard people rave about a book they love then deride the movie interpretation. The movie trailer often features a great cast and musical score, and the familiar literary title. Sometimes you just can’t tell how good the film version will be or if you should have read the book first. To help you a little help in that area, below are seven reasons to read the book before watching the movie.

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The Book is Your inside Man

There is nothing like having the inside track on a movie plot. If you don’t mind spoilers then reading the book will enhance your movie watching experience. Reading the book before watching the movie gives me a good sense of what I’m about to see. Watching a movie with the details from the book etched my brain is like holding a secret! Having the full Monty on a film is one of my top reasons to read the book before watching the movie.


Reading the book before watching the movie can be a great way to enhance your experience. Not only do you get to know the plot of the movie before you watch it, but you also get to understand the characters and their motivations better. With this knowledge, you can understand the movie on a deeper level and appreciate it more.

Another reason to read the book before watching the movie is that it can help you to make connections between the characters and the plot. By reading the book, you can get a better understanding of the characters’ backstories and how their stories intertwine. This can help you to better follow the movie and understand the nuances of the plot.

Additionally, reading the book can help you to appreciate the movie’s cinematography and special effects more. By having the details of the book etched in your brain, you can appreciate the visuals of the movie that much more. Knowing what the characters look like and how they interact can help you to appreciate the movie’s visuals in a way that you wouldn’t be able to if you had just watched the movie.


The Plot is Fuller

A movie is typically about two hours long. Now, think about how long it takes you to finish really good book. If you’re like me then you aren’t even close to being done by the end of two hours. Conforming a book to the movie timeframe inevitably leaves out much of the important bits of content and context. Reading the book before watching the film can help fill in the blanks of a reductive movie interpretation.


Movies are often based on books, and while it can be exciting to watch a beloved novel come to life on the big screen, it’s important to remember that the two mediums are very different. Movies are limited to two hours, while books can take days, weeks, or even months to read. This means that when a book is adapted into a movie, much of the content and context of the book is inevitably left out.

Watching a movie before reading the book can leave viewers feeling as though something is missing from the plot, and it’s not their fault. Movies often focus on the most exciting parts of the book, leaving out the more subtle details that make the story so compelling. Reading the book before watching the movie can help to fill in the blanks and provide a fuller understanding of the story.


The Characters Are Richer

The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. The critique of 1920’s upper crust society and exposure to the seedy side of wealth is engaging. Nick Calloway is the well-written main character of this story. He is also the well-written main character that did not translate well to film. Characters from the book often appear in film as thinned out versions of their richer more complex selves.


You Can Be the Group inside Informant

It’s difficult to spoil a movie for me. Perhaps that’s why I like to read the book before watching the movie. Have you been in a theater with friends and everyone looks pensive, muttering soft questions and exclamations. Musing over what might happen and why is almost as entertaining as watching the film. It’s fun to have a bit of background information that provides the «ah-ha!» moment for the group.


Knowing the storyline in advance turns you into a sort of oracle among your peers. While they're gripping their seats during suspenseful scenes, you're calmly sipping your soda, smirking because you know the twists and fates of each character. Your friends may lean over, whispering wild guesses about the plot's direction, and you can offer subtle hints or simply heighten the suspense with a knowing nod. It's like holding the secret map to a cinematic treasure; you enhance the group's experience without revealing too much, keeping the magic of storytelling alive and well.


The Real Ending

Rick Riordan’s «Percy Jackson» series was fun to read. I waited anxiously to see the film and when it was released I was like third in line – don’t ask why. While the movie was mildly entertaining the ending gave me cause for a double take. The ending was completely different from the book! Often the ending of a story is changed to fit a timeframe, the writer’s vision, or to anticipate a sequel. Knowledge of the real ending can provide you an alternate conclusion.


Movies based on books can be extremely entertaining, but they often lack the depth and detail of the original work. For this reason, it’s important to read the book before you watch the movie. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. You get to experience the story the way the author intended. Reading a book allows you to immerse yourself in the world the author has created and appreciate the nuances of the story. Movies often change the story to fit the time frame, and the director’s vision.

  2. You get to dive into the characters. Books provide a much richer experience when it comes to character development. You get to know the characters intimately and understand their motivations.

  3. You get to explore the themes. Books often explore themes more deeply than movies. This can be especially true for books that are part of a series.

  4. You get to appreciate the details. Books often contain details that are left out of the movie adaptation. This can be anything from a character’s backstory to a location’s history.


Amazing Details

Another of the best things about reading a well-written book is the wonderfully descriptive detail. The Lord of The Rings series describes places, people, and clothing in such rich detail that you feel as if you are there. Watching the story on screen after reading the books makes me aware of the environment and metal work. I would have likely missed those particulars without the book.


More Suspenseful

I have a love/hate relationship with movies that end really quickly. Sometimes the story moves so fast that it ends without warning. Abbreviating the storyline often lessens the intended suspense. Reading the book can be intensely suspenseful as you follow the author over a longer period of time restricted only by their creativity. This freedom allows the story to flesh out and build suspense in areas the movie misses.

There is no right way to view a movie and book combo. Sometimes the movie is more entertaining than the book! Do you read the book before watching the movie? What are your thoughts? Please, share!

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The book is the original form of the story... Reading the book then afterwards watching the movie feels like a treat

so helpful bc I'm writing my paper abt this! thank you!

I find just the opposite to be true. If I read the book first I never enjoy the movie because it never measures up, but if I read the book afterwards, I enjoy both

Thank you I am both writer and film maker and Iove them both it is good to read the thoughts of readers

I agree! Books are just amazing! A movie , no matter how good it is, would never be as good as the book :\')

And also u get to use your imagination to picture the characters and use the details provided to paint a picture of them!

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