7 Reasons Why the Walking Dead is the Best Zombie Series of Recent Times ...


My husband told me a month ago how difficult it is for fans of The Walking Dead to wait until October for the fifth season of this zombie show. I have heard about this post-apocalyptic, horror-drama series on AMC but I wasn't that keen to watch it because I was thinking it’s another one of those morbid shows with people killing and hating each other. While waiting for season 5 – that’s three to four months from now – my husband reviewed all the episodes and invited me to watch them with him. I slowly got hooked and demanded that we need to go on a marathon viewing so I can catch up with Season 5. I now love it! Here are the reason why The Walking Dead is the best zombie series of recent times:

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Characters Die

On the third episode, I already told Jeff (my husband) that we should be watching two to three episodes of The Walking Dead every night. Four seasons after – and now, I am also waiting for the fifth season. The fact that characters die in this show is a good sign that the writers are not scrimping on building a good story. TWD is a zombie show. You really don’t know who’s going to die next. The whole world is destroyed and the ratio of the living and the walking dead is probably at one to a thousand. You can call this show a suspense-thriller for this reason.


Great Make-up and Costumes

The Walking Dead already won an Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series and the show’s artists rightfully deserve it! Much of the work is done on the walkers/zombies, who are usually shot or smashed in the head. They’re scary and gross!


Does Not Follow the Comic Book Version

In other words, it mapped out its own story direction and builds different characters that were and were not in the original comic version. Truly, don’t judge a TV series by its comic book.


Script Writing

The show brought in the best Hollywood screenwriters/TV writers to offer the best storyline and capture the individual stories of lead characters. I hated Lori Grimes the very first episode I saw her and wished her dead. TWD is a TV show that showcases the best and worst parts of its characters so well that it’s impossible for the viewers not to get addicted to it.


Location, Location, Location

I love that for the major part of the show they stayed in rural Georgia and didn't move (yet) to Washington D.C. with Eugene to “save the world.” That way, they were able to develop the characters and let us, the viewers, see all their strengths and weaknesses. I read somewhere that producers are saving money from staying in Georgia because they are getting major tax incentives, which helps undercut the cost of the filming.


Mid-season Finale

I have a love-hate relationship with mid-season finales because of the cliffhangers. It’s always like that. I especially hate it when there’s nothing to see over the holidays and then they’re back in January. But that’s good marketing and a great way to pace the story. They don’t give everything away. They have mastered the art of making people want for more.


Daryl Dixon

Yes, Daryl Dixon! Not Rick Grimes but DARYL DIXON. I already declared it. When zombies attack our world, I want to be with Daryl Dixon. His crossbow is one lethal weapon and he is quick, smart, and cool – all these qualities enabled him to survive the world mostly inhabited by flesh-eating creatures. I like his I-don’t-care-about-you stance but deep inside he is really a softie. He's played well by actor Norman Reedus. I swear, if they kill Daryl, fans will go on a riot. It’s going to be World War 3!

Are there any other zombie series or movies that you like? How were they?

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Omg yes Daryl Dixon 😍😍😍 if they kill him I'll DEFINITELY RIOT !!!!

If they kill daryl ill stop watching it cuz i cant watch it without him in the show

I love the Walking Dead! October is sooo far away!

Andrew Lincoln... That's all I will say.

Best show ever❤️


My favorite show!!!

Love love this show!! Waiting for season 5 to start.

Omg my favorite show!!!!!! Love

Walking Dead!!! Love it!!!

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